Wolverine Launch

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    Colossus= amazing. Wolverine= meh I’ve seen better. Though i can’t complain about the red accents in their suits.


    if you see wolverine coming at you like that , just shit bricks we understand.


    Fastball special.


    : I’m from Marvel Comics, despite his insane popularity, we’re gonna pull Wolverine from the X-Men lineup. In fact, we’re gonna preempt the release of that movie too. Your comment was the last straw.


    Kev Walker is a sweet artist, check his shit out (Google it, I’m already aware of such awesomeness and I’m too lazy to find his awesomeness online for you all)


    I’ll take “Who can’t draw a lower jaw for $200, Alex.”


    “nice toss tinman”

    Luke Magnifico

    Colossus is the most awesome thing.


    @Dyna-Mole: i know he’s insanely popular. but you’re gonna pull him from the x-men titles? does that mean he get full time Avenger status? oh oh and the movie? you’re not gonna release it because of me? i feel honored. look if you could just do a total re-write and release it with Deadpool not having those lame blades coming out of his arms. and Sabertooth not be his brother i would be elated about the movie.
    @mld: i agree. looks like a smaller Alien jaw’s gonna shoot out.


    Well they must have read yer mind, cause that’s not Deadpool with the lame blades coming out of his arms, and those stupid action figures are all fake. And if you ever read the Origins comic that came out years ago.. They could be brothers, it was just that confusing >.<

    all this aside.. Kev Walker kicks ass!


    Toss meh.

    Jaxx Reeve

    Why does Wolverine have Bruce Campbells chin?