Rise Of Cobra – Cobra Commander Action Figure

Rise Of Cobra Cobra Commander.JPG (264 KB)

I guess that\’s it.

Not as bad as the kiddie-version, but bad nonetheless.

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    I guess…

    No wait what the fuck?

    Gary Generic

    Fuck, ASS!


    That…THING is blasphemy.


    Believe me when I say I grew up with all the toys and the show. But…. (don’t kill me for this), I actually like this rendition. I mean, come on, would a giant silver plate make any sense in a more realistic GI Joe? And how retarded would it look for him to just have a cloth over his face? At least this is trying to combine the two of them together in a more realistic and less 80’s lame way.


    I always thought the “silver plate” was sort of a mirrored visor. In which case, not really unrealistic at all. Still, they could’ve put eyeholes in the silver plate if they did want to go with the metal route for it.


    i’m partial to this version of CC: www.yojoe.com/action/09/cobracommander42.shtml


    God, first Deadpool, now this?

    Sigh… don’t worry, Cobra Commander. You’ll always wear a shiny faceplate in my heart.

    Also, I’m no weapons expert, but I’m completely unfamiliar with that weapon he has, the one that seems to fire a huge radioactive (and probably venomous) dildo.


    @Tyger42: I recall in the ill-fated animated movie, when the mask drops and Roadblock picks it up, it had circuitry and electronics inside. He probably had all sorts of funky alternative vision modes built into that thing, kinda like Predators.


    This is a goddamn travesty.


    Anything’s better than the “I’m embarrassed that I went to an English preparatory school” look…


    At least they got Snake Eyes right.


    That’s fucking lame, thats fucking lame right there


    The 8 year old me is dying right now. Why can’t Hollywood just not fuck with shit from our childhood. If they’re not going to do it right then they shouldn’t do it. I swear to God if Cobra Commander doesn’t yell “Cobra, RETREEEEAT!” at some point in the movie, I’m fucking out…..


    This is *NOT* Cobra Commander.


    almost as bad as “deadpool” actionfigures.


    This is why I’m glad that my childhood cartoon heroes already HAD a movie (indeed, they were based on it).

    I’m talking about the cast of The Real Ghostbusters. I so wanted to be Egon. The brains behind an operation that relies primarily on science, and a redheaded yenta practically throwing herself at him (until GB2 established her as digging Louis and the cartoon added him in to show this in a desperate bid for continuity).



    What is it with these douche bag directors and putting a “realistic” spin on trademarks that make characters great. Michael Bay with his “bayformers” couldn’t even make prime a cube cab and now “this”? Fail

    Having grown up with the toys I was willing to give the movie a shot, now, No.