Rihanna Vacuuming

rihanna-vacuum.jpg (348 KB)

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    my sandwich better be in that skirt of yours!


    I would like to point out that she has most excellent collarbones. Which reminds of how pretty the word collarbone is. I never understood what all the fuss about “cellardoor” was. Another interesting thing to know, is that the word collarbone in German, “Schlüsselbein”, consists of two words as well. Directly translated it would mean “key-leg.”
    But besides all of this, I really just want to paint her body on a wall. A huge wall.


    representing West Indies!


    i’d hit it


    @efraiel: like?


    @ColombianMonkey: Like her boyfriend.


    @dieAntagonista: I never understood cellar door either.

    Luke Magnifico

    Why is she lifting that poster?

    There’s a wall there, there’s nothing to hoover behind that poster.

    Is she saying that her crotch needs to be hoovered?

    What kind of crotch needs hoovering?

    DieAntagonista, you have a vagina. Under what circumstances would that need to be hoovered?

    Also, [Not Dyson]=FAIL.


    Luke, you and your keen observations never fail to amaze me.
    I don’t know man, maybe you should ask a gynaecologist. Or a vaccum cleaner salesman.

    Wait, is hoovering the term that people from the UK and the like use? And US people say vaccuming. So what’s the thing called then for British people, hoover cleaner? Help me out, I’m trying to become English.

    And how do you say,”God forgives, I don’t”, in Irish.


    Or no no, how do you say “I left a monarch. Yet I return naked, alone… hungry.” in Irish. I guess that one is harder though. Hm either one is fine. I need something epic in Irish, come on.

    Luke Magnifico

    We just call it a hoover.

    D’imigh mé mar monarc. Ach fillim lomnacht, i m’aonar… agus tá ocras orm

    I’m guessing on monarc, I can’t think of a direct translation for it. We have a habit of simply stealing english words and breaking them.

    You could always throw in Rí, for king, or Banríon.


    Wow. I didn’t think you could do it, thanks. And you obviously don’t get what this means, it means that I started reading the Sandman.

    Luke Magnifico

    Ah, yes, after he escapes from the big ol’ fishbowl.

    Good times.

    Also, good job.


    @dieAntagonista: Good for you!


    lol a woman like Rhiana is not good at your average housewife things , she is only good at opening her mouth and getting beat downs

    Luke Magnifico

    @dieAntagonista: Also

    I find your lack of faith disturbing.



    @LukeV1-5: Oh I bet you could make me a believer in no time, mister Vader sir.


    I’d like to stand under her umbrella..


    It’s remarkable how photo editing can make even the oddest, bird looking people look normal.


    i as gonna say it’s Like the Banksy up my road…apart from the fact peopLe didn’t Like it so they graffitied over it and now it’s been painted over