Chopper Lifting

87-course-dhfs-grad.jpg (45 KB)

A nice PT exercise.

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    must be engine-less


    I call shenanigans.


    Can it fly?


    Any idea why that shadow or puddle or whatever it is seems to overlay their legs?


    I call shoop, though quite a good one. Falls down with shadows being odd and the blokes not being reflected. And the pixels


    @numb7rs: and from seeing quite a few shoops in your day?


    I don’t see any shadows of the rotors.


    These guys are pussies. Marines lift tanks.


    Shopped big time.


    once you lose the engines and gearbox a helicopter is surprisingly light. I was part of a four man crew that lifted a twin seat trainer for a weight & balance check, even without just the engine or fuel they weigh a lot less

    mumm ra

    How exactly are they going to put it back down.


    reflection on the bottom of the heli unveil the trick… landing skid but no moron. and expressions of people in total effort is like this


    @GorillaMunch: Thats because you aren’t looking hard enough. They’re there.

    I’ve seen this done before. Granted, there’s most likely not a powerplant in there. Just cause you think its a shoop, doesn’t make it a shoop. No matter how hard you wish it to be.


    @monkeybird02: a bell heuy has an empty weight of about 2500 kg so its not difficult for 15 persons to lift it when the motor is removed… but I don’t see anyone in the reflection under the heli. what I see are 2 lines on the ground running from the left skid shadow to the right skid shadow… and casually they become darker when intersect the ‘shadow’ of the heuy (shadows don’t change color on the same material). no shadows on left crew, no shadow on the right… they were lifting only the skid. maybe you’ve seen it before, or… Read more »


    @aleph: Word. I see what your seeing. This photo probably is a shoop. I didn’t look THAT closely at the photo before I commented. All I was saying was that I have seen this done before, and that most people automatically cry shoop when they see something that looks impossible (improbable). There IS a shadow of of rotor blades on the ground, but, you’re right, no reflection of the troops who are supposed to be carrying this thing.