The Great Toilet Paper Debate – Final Argument

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    “print page” – argument won forever!

    wish I had this so many time during so many tedious discussions and reprimands on how this should be done…


    oh yeah, this just made my day. i’m gonna sleep well tonight.


    i still prefer the “wrong” way


    “M[C]S: taking a hard look at today’s tough issues”


    OCD much?


    this is beyond bias! what sort of person pulls out 3 pieces of paper then grabs the next one before tearing? A strong quick twist and it tears axactly the same as the over technique. Just because you’re doing it wrong dosnt make your way right.


    The “right” way also provides better access for kids and cats to unspool the entire damn roll. I prefer the “wrong” way as well.


    the3g_ipwn: Exactly why the wrong way is really the right way. :p


    the3g_ipwn: The debate continues!


    The greater problem are the secret wadders.

    2-3 squares is enough for a wipe, without getting hands dirty, if folded. The other method uses about a roll every few days.


    It’s my way = the right way.


    I do Agree.


    DINGDINGDING Call the pit boss, we’ve got a big winner!

    Seriously, do it your favorite way. Ta-da.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    “2-3 squares is enough for a wipe” Hi Paul. We need to talk. Your friends don’t want to say anything to you, but you really need to know this. Your ass stinks. Bad. When you get up from a chair, there’s a little whiff of shit in the air. When you’re getting off a plane or train or bus, and your ass is near people’s heads, they’re throwing up a little in their mouths. And you underwear has more skidmarks in it than the racetrack at the Indy500. 2-3 squares is definitely NOT enough for a wipe. And one wipe… Read more »


    MCS + logic. Who’da thunk it?


    I don’t give a shit either way. I just want to wipe my ass okay!

    rattybad: LIES!


    Howie Feltersnatch: By Odin’s beard, just how big is your ass, man?!!

    Lord Cocksworth

    Howie Feltersnatch:


    Probably the two funniest damn comments I’ve ever seen.

    American Perv

    I use a towel.


    I got spanked if I put the roll on the “wrong” way. It pissed my mom off that much.

    I find that it’s not that difficult to flip around if someone puts it on backwards (doesn’t happen often) so I don’t really see the point in discussion except for public stalls where it being on wrong makes it impossible to get the fucking toilet paper out and it takes 5 minutes of fighting with it to get just a few squares and a wet hand.


    outofocus: Really frigging annoying when that happens. I hate public restrooms.


    nyokki: Seriously. You’d think there would be a better system for toilet paper delivery after all this time.


    I thought “The Great Toilet Paper Debate” was to crumple or fold it?


    Fold then crumple.


    This has been my argument for years.

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