Cat Shit One (Apocalypse Meow)

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Graphic modern warfare and history acted out by anthropomorphic woodland creatures. Each nation is represented by a specific animal. (Americans are rabbits, Vietnamese are cats, Chinese are pandas, French are pigs, etc.) Though the manga takes place in the Vietnam War, a CG version featuring our American rabbit heroes in currently in the works – which takes place in the Middle East and features camels as the opposition. Trailer\’s on YouTube.

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    The trailer is so fucking weird.


    I’m a catpandapig that grew up as a rabbit. This interests me.


    If the Rabbits are american why is it wearing a beret with the SAS emblem on it?


    French should be frogs amirite?… We should be pigs if anyone is pigs, and that statement hardly qualifies as an editorial.


    I MUST have this!!!


    Americans are Bison. Cus we killed them all and now they are coming back. That right there is good old fashioned American irony.


    It’s illegal to name a pig “Napoleon” in France. So this is pretty amazing.


    I’d think the British would be rabbits, what with Watership Down being so popular.


    Rabbit in Japanese is usagi. USA G.I.
    /blown mind


    So, the americans are little, cute, heroic bunnies? How come Japan is never sick of kissing american ass?


    Prolly has an SAS beret because they’re supposed to be PMC.


    Kamilo is genius


    Wouldn’t it be more fitting if the French character was a FROG? I mean, come on!


    @vincent.ex2 If I dropped two big ass fucking bombs that fried the living shit out of thousands, you’d be kissing my ass too, you moron.

    Not to fucking mention how much of their crap we buy, reason number two to kiss much ass.

    Now, what would you like them to do? go back to kissing german ass while you are in camps being used as experiments for whatever fucked up purpose comes to mind for mendelX2?

    dumb fuck.

    I love the movie.