Wakeup Cat

wakeupcat.JPG (35 KB)

Ever woken up to one of these?

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    I LOVE waking up with a pussy in my face!


    @ romSku – Too bad it’s never been human…


    i unfortunately live with a cat who wakes me up every morning at 8:30, like clockwork.

    My urge to throw it out the window is unimaginable.


    Yes I have. It’s the same f’ing color too. You stole my cat!! Now please do the same with my dog so I can get some sleep on the weekends.


    @dram: you should totally chunk that fucker

    you’ll feel much better

    just don’t let the internets know


    Kenny Glenn, v2?


    You make it sound like it’s a bad thing.

    Jesus Christ

    My cat woke me up at 12:00 last night wanting to go to the bathroom. No pun intended, but I was so pissed off.


    I’ve always put the fear of god into my cats with sudden movements and loud noises when they try to wake me up. It doesn’t stay a problem very long.

    Now if I can get the other household pussy to not wake me up in the morning…


    I got a kitten and he does that all the time. But if I ignore him then he bots me face… oh and his name.. Pumpkin Van Ossengooben… aka The Goob. lol


    My cat used to wake me up by batting at me in super fast mo’, that stopped working so now she pounces on my belly. Apparently she’s figured out where my bladder is.