Reserved for expectant mother

…or parent with infant.

Saw this at a Best Buy.

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    30 Responses ttto Reserved for expectant mother

    1. brianthelion says:

      alot ot stores and malls have these signs in New Jersey , no one pays attention to them either

    2. deleted_user says:

      I guess I miss the “humor” at tagged in this picture…

    3. Skulltimo says:

      I dont get it?

    4. curtntiff says:

      Umm??? Whats next handicap signs?

    5. joodles says:

      Does it have a special landing perch for the stork?

    6. CathyLong says:

      I hate this bullshit. I saw these back in Texas too. They tend to show up in places where popping out kids and being a lazy housewife is somehow a “disability” and women bitch and moan about it as if they were raped.

      Fucking lazy whores making the rest of us WORKING women look bad. Same bitches who take “personal days” for their period.


    7. tiki god says:

      I sense great anger in you padawan.

    8. Alec Dalek says:

      @CathyLong: Thank you. I’m sick of breeders going on like shitting out a crotch fruit makes them special, like they’ve accomplished something. Come back in 18 years and we’ll check your bastards police record. Fuck’n trash!

    9. Skulltimo says:

      @AlecDalek: @CathyLong: Yeah, because ALL heavily pregnant women deserve no special treatment and ALL children are destined to be fucktards, YEAH!

    10. CathyLong says:

      NO woman deserves special treatment for JUST being pregnant. You can *facepalm* all day but you’re never going to convince me that the ability to have sex and have kids makes someone “special” or deserving of better parking.

      I’d rather give the spot to someone with a bad flu because at least they didn’t make the CONCIOUS DECISION to impede themselves. That’s the problem I have with this and other unnecessary accomodations for preggos; they did it to themselves.

      What’s next? Parking for drunk drivers and crackheads? Sure, I understand that it’s tiresome and hard for you to walk long distances, but, boo hoo. You did it to yourself and I will not cater to your personal decisions. Part of making those choices SHOULD come with consequences, that way people actually have to think before they go around popping out kids every few years. Take idiots like Octomom off of welfare.


    11. Skulltimo says:

      @CathyLong: Nice argument there, way to compare crackheads to pregant mothers just because its a concious decision to have a baby
      *face plams some more*

      Not every pregant woman is an octomom or a douchebag, on welfare or otherwise. And sometmes, its nice to give these people two or three out of seventy eight, parking spaces.

      Next time I’m in front of a pregant woman I’m going to slam the door in their glowing face, why, BECAUSE THEY DID THIS TO THEMSEEEEEEELVES!

    12. @CathyLong:
      I’m afraid that isn’t an argument at all.

      Pregnant women don’t get special treatment because they had the ability to have sex and get pregnant or because it was their concious decision. Which is a moot point anyway, since all those horrible horrible women you talk about, probably didn’t make a concious decision but just had a lot of sex, or not enough braincells like in Octomom’s case.

      Pregnant women aren’t just tired a lot. They got a bloody second person in their bodies, it’s more devastating than having cancer.
      And Wikipedia says they have to go through this: back pains, constipation, braxton hicks contractions, edema (swelling), regurgitation, heartburn, nausea, haemorrhoids, pelvic girdle pain, increased urinary frequency, varicose veins.
      They are technically sick.

      But hey if you want to let your anger out on all pregnant women because of a certain percentage of them who breed like animals, then write your governor a letter or whatever. Although I doubt that anyone cares to clean up the mess, that a woman who has a miscarriage in the middle of the street because she had to walk a mile to buy groceries, would cause.

      Seriously though, that’s the most ridiculous thing you have said on here.

    13. Also, I actually agree with Alec. I don’t think pregnant women are special, or that a woman is special for giving birth. He is right, if the kid is still worth mentioning in 18 years, then it’s a different story.

      Pregnant women don’t get special treatment because they’re special, but because they’re in a special condition. It’s as simple as that.

    14. j_bryon says:

      There is a sign similar to this one at a local grocery store here in Stevens Point, Wi. It says the same as this one PLUS Anyone with infants/toddlers.
      I am a 35 y/o father of 4 and when I go there with my kids it’s nice to usually have this stall available!
      I went the store once without my kids so I wasn’t going to be a prick and use the stall. As I was parking a few stalls away from this stall, I saw a college age cocksucker punk quickly pull into it and run into the store. I turned him in. 🙂 Call me what you want but I know I was right to do so.

    15. joshzorp says:

      @CathyLong: This comment makes sense coming from a hideous porker who finds it hard to have someone insert his penis in her. My wife and I share similar educations and professions. Her only downfall is that after i fuck her sometimes she ends up with a fetus in her belly. So expectant mothers park wherever you like and tow Cathy’s shit box car out of the way if you need too.

    16. CathyLong says:

      1. Not ugly and I am engaged but thanks for playing.

      2. This opinion of mine comes from a family of women who worked while pregnant and are sick of seeing women abuse the system of men and brainwashed women who have been convinced that all pregnant women are now victims in a “special” condition. Listen to yourselves. You really think some seventeen year old with three brats deserves special anything just because she was too dumb to use the pill or keep her legs shut? I know that some women are married or have kids intelligently, but few of THOSE women would care or even lobby to have special parking. They’d accept their changing body as part of the very REAL consequences of their decision.

      3. I have seen these spots with my own eyes and they are next to the handicapped spots in most parking lots and they are many, not few. Unlike the guy who got sideslammed by a truck or born without legs, I do not think that being pregnant (something over 90% of women can do willingly) qualifies to be lumped with these people who are genuinely crippled. Boo hoo, I have back pain too. I have pins in my knees from running seven years of track and walking “far” hurts my legs too. But come the fuck on. A parking lot is not like walking a marathon. It’s usually just a 20-30 feet from the door. It just reeks of laziness and catering, once again, to pregnant women.

      I’m done with this topic because I can see that you are of teh generation which thinks that a woman becomes suddenly untouchable and virtous cause she pops out a kid. I have news for you though, most women can pop out kids and the ones parading it around and using it as an excuse to be overly lazy and whiny are not “victims of hormones”. There are many women who can go to work on their period and work up until a week or two before delivery of their child and return to work just a few weeks later.

      And then there are those women who genuinely have physical complications, who QUALIFY for temporary handicapped passes.

      So these parking spots?


      They are for women like Octomom, who expect to have everything handed to them. And they were instituted by liberal pundits who think anytime a person complains and whines they must be suffering an injustice.

      Dear Politicians,

      Some people are just lazy, whiny drama queens looking for a handout. It’s time you learn to tell the difference between real suffering and bitching.


    17. awfulintentions says:

      Uhm, it was from my understanding, that pregnant women are supposed to get exercise and not be lazy fucktards and eat until they blow up?

      Did you know that the whole eating for two is bullshit? A woman only needs to increase her caloric intake to the equivalent of two yogurt cups?

      And exercise is GOOD for a pregnant woman! They shouldn’t get ‘handicapped’ spots, because, as others have said, it’s their damn fault, same with having infants about. DEAL! If it’s so hard that you can’t bare having to walk forty feet to a store, don’t have kids!

      Pregnancy is not a disability.

      And about those who are in high risk pregnancies? Stay home. No woman who’s pregnant and on bed rest needs to be at a store, especially best buy.

    18. TheLotusEater725 says:

      Cathy, have i ever told you that you are fuckshit insane? You are, when i read your posts it is like watching nancy pelosi or mitt romney speak. I just want to douse myself in gasoline and jump into a volcano, because there is no way in hell that people this retarded exist. Admit it, you are really an advanced AI program developed by the US army for Unmanned warfare.

    19. @CathyLong:

      That’s awfully insensitive. Not on a pregnant woman level, no, on a human level.

      It’s pretty apparent to me that you are just angry at women who breed like crazy and take advantage of the system.

      The only problem is that, whether they had a choice or not, whether they abuse the system or not, those conditions are real, any doctor will tell you that it’s anything but easy.

      Now, pregnant women, having a right to special treatment or not, has nothing to do with whether or not they deserve it.

      “This opinion of mine comes from a family of women who worked while pregnant and are sick of seeing women abuse the system of men and brainwashed women who have been convinced that all pregnant women are now victims in a “special” condition.”

      Bravo, so the women in your family happen to be especially strong. Yeah too bad not all women are like the ones in your family. You base what all women are capable of on what your family has done? Listen to yourself. Don’t you see how inconsiderate and selfish that is.

      Let me repeat, pregnancy is as devastating to the body as having cancer. Ask ANY woman who has been pregnant. And try to find one that’s not related to you maybe. That is, if you’re interested how women in general are, and not just the ones who are related to you.

      Your argument is quite ridiculous and shows a certain lack of objectivity.
      I’m glad not many people like you are in charge of anything of significance.

      “I’m done with this topic because I can see that you are of teh generation which thinks that a woman becomes suddenly untouchable and virtous cause she pops out a kid.”

      My opinions have less to do with my generation, and more with my observations, learnings and considerations of all factors. I value objectivity. That’s who I am, and your irrelevant ad hominems are just that, irrelevant.

    20. deleted_user says:

      Everyone is different. I know girls in medical assisting who went to class daily while 9 months pregnant. One of the girls came to class showing the baby not more then a couple days after she had the baby. Some people are stronger then others, and some people can handle pain better. You really think a pregnant lady is going to park closer if she doesn’t need to? Is this really being debated? Why not make an argument about how handicap spots are abused by handicapped people. God, those lazy bastards…

    21. Skulltimo says:

      These last few comments have helped restore my faith in humanity, thanks MCS. We can still evolve and make the world a better place, whilst indulging in the lulz on the way.

    22. RPTM6 says:

      @nannerpuss: i know many many pregnant women who were bed-ridden becauase of the baby. not because of pain tollerance but because of other complications.

      they are not receiving special attention. its not special if over half the population of the world is able to receive that attention. do you know how hard it is for someone who is pregnant to move after a certain point in their pregnancy? and how does it it hurt you if people use those parking spaces and take time off of work for pregnancies? its not your business. its theirs. so shut up and quit being a whiny bitch

    23. nyoki says:

      This must be am alternate reality, casemoods is the most sane commenter.

    24. nyoki says:


      I’d rather give the spot to someone with a bad flu because at least they didn’t make the CONCIOUS DECISION to impede themselves. That’s the problem I have with this and other unnecessary accomodations for preggos; they did it to themselves.

      Yeah, I’d much rather that the guy w/ the flu decided to go shopping…right next to me.

    25. Karatesaurus Rex says:

      Yeah, fuck my pregnant wife, I’d rather have the gangbanger shithead who got crippled by a bullet being lodged in his spine while he sprayed automatic fire through my neighbors front door to park his Caddilac 500 in that spot, great point Cathy Long.

    26. deleted_user says:

      @Karatesaurus Rex: When is the last time you saw a low life/hoodlum using the handicapped spot? (legally)

      I always see older people who actually need it.

    27. outofocus says:

      They came out with these after I went through my pregnancy. It was only the last three weeks that I would have been tempted to use them, when it was 110F outside, my toes were sausages and I was completely fatigued. But I think even then I might have felt a little weird about it.

      The American culture is pretty anti-breeder. It was interesting when traveling in SE Asia because it is generally disapproved upon for people to have more than two children but the breeders are valued. They get on the public vehicles first, the grocery stores have a little hang out area for kids to play and watch cartoons, etc. Children were responded favorably to, even the older tweens and teens, instead of seen as annoying, etc.

      I am sickened by people who go out and have an excess amount of kids but people who have kids are the people continuing the human race and they do have some value. It is unfortunate that, as with all things, the people who are doing it right, end up treated like shit in this country because of the people who are doing it wrong.

    28. nyoki says:

      I didn’t expect any kind of ranting on this post. I just thought it was a funny sign. I really don’t care if someone gets a parking spot 20 ft closer to the door. I have a handicap tag and use it, regardless of whether I need to on any given day. I may go in feeling ok, but I never know if it’s gonna be a good day or a day I can barely make it back out. It amazes me, the judgments people feel they have the right and knowledge to make.

      @outofocus: Totally agree.

    29. outofocus says:

      @nyokki: I have a friend with severe Crohns. From the outside he looks like a healthy, young man so he often gets harassed and threatened for using his handicap placard, never mind the fact that he is often in great discomfort.

    30. Sabersmith says:

      I feel obligated to point out that it is certainly within the rights of the store to post the sign, but it is not within their rights to tow your car if you park there without fetus or infant. Handicap parking is government regulated, this type of thing is not.

      That said, I can’t begrudge this. While I will never personally benefit from such a spot, as I think I will neither shop at best buy nor spawn, I strongly feel that people so desperate to get into the store that they need to bring along their baby likely should have handicap access anyhow (for reasons which can only be described as mean spirited).

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