Office pranks

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How to annoy your co-workers.

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    Peanuts! {dives in}


    Pic # 3 with the foil that is a must for every UFO conspiracy man . an absolute must. least they read your brainwaves and find you …


    The packing peanuts prank is full of win. I work retail and those things are a pain in the ass.A prank so full of WIN!


    No, what you need to do is get the output of a good crosscut shredder and 1500 Dixie cups. Put a little bit of the (really fine) shredded paper under each Dixie cup and line up the cups on every horizontal surface you can find. Then (for good measure) saran wrap up the door and take about 500 blown up balloons (with just a pinch of glitter in each) and fill the cube all the way up. It took the last guy we did this to 2 hours to clean his cube and you never quite get rid of the… Read more »


    Also how to let the boss know that you have too much free time at work. :p
    @evildick: Someone needs to dig up again the picture of the classroom that had every flat surface covered with dixie cups full of water.


    I would be really happy with the second one!


    @Tyger42: @Puulaahi:
    two things. first.. i would like to reiterate the necessity of stapling every cup to all the cups around it, then filling them to the brim.
    second, i didn´t see it the first time around, but the room is full of lolchairs.


    once upon a time- myu coworkers and i put our manager’s purple rain motorcycle in his office- which wasnt much larger than those cubicles!

    he was upset. he deserved it. LOL


    fyi, the third picture (aluminum foil) is no
    prank– thats a test implementation of GE’s
    Office of the Future ™.