Nice guns

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    In before “shot my load”




    Was expecting a scantily clad woman in the last pic.




    Its insane that some people in the world still worship the firearm. I mean how pathetic do you have to be worship and love a device that’s only purpose is to deal out death? Its like being in love with the guillitone, or the rack. Sick people.


    @dhg4983: I love the guillotine, great for chopping carrots.


    @dhg4983: Isn’t it more insane to worship something as abstract as a deity, of whom there’s no proof of existence whatsoever(did that sentence make sense?)?

    Luke Magnifico

    How come no one ever bitches about firarms being airbrushed.


    I’ve always been so vexed as to why men like guns so much, but after playing Counter-Strike for a while I’ve grown to like them too. Gay.


    That’s right. I mean… how many wars have we gone to because of our religious beliefs and how many people have died because they believed in the wrong god.

    Still… I agree that a lot of people need a better hobby, to glorify a gun is a pretty scary thing


    : blaspheme! you own 2 out of 3 of those guns pictured.

    Hey, I’m glad after 28 years of life, I decided to get a hand gun. Its not like I go off capping people that give me a bad attitude or I go on random killing sprees. Hell, I haven’t even fired it in almost a year… I just like having it right there with me all the time b/c why would I possibly want to damage my fist knocking someone in the face, when a nice piece of hot lead will do a better job!


    I know. Jesus, that .45 at the top is airbrushed all to hell and I’m pretty sure they shopped the handguard to make it bigger than it actually is.

    Special Kail

    how about “idolizing anything is stupid”? Anytime any person becomes too obsessed with some one thing, it usually leads to trouble i.e. religion, guns, and so forth. The real problem is people who become so obsessed with something that for anyone to say something bad about it sends them into a blind ignorant redneck rampage. Fuck religion, fuck politics, fuck guns. As the great H.P. Baxter once said, “My mouth is gonna gun you down.”


    Better to warship something material then something you can’t see or touch, or for that matter, prove is real.

    Religion is bullshit. They should not acknowledge it at all anywhere. It’s like racism. Your going to hate someone because they believe something else? That’s why it’s best to keep quiet.

    Special Kail

    naye, worshipping anything is futile. Worship nothing. nothing controls you, nothing is watching out for you. you can take nothing with you when you die.



    Ah donkey dick, you are the only one who gets my irony.



    Not those exact manufacteries

    Luke Magnifico

    You’re all wrong.

    You should worship me. I don’t do anything for you, but, unlike SOME idols, I don’t ask for anything in return.

    However, I am quite partial to the odd danish.

    Woman or pastry, you decide.


    @LukeV1-5: you are right. That last pic, No one has gear that pristine. No scuffs or scratches, no heat scoring, and not a wrinkle or speck of lint on the vest and rig? I call hijinx!


    You guys are overreacting. You don’t think it’s possible to use new, polished guns and gear to take photographs, instead of using old, used gear?


    Ha ha ha–only on MyConfinedSpace could a gun cheesecake post turn into an argument about the veracity of religion.


    the first pistol is for use in compton.

    the second pistol is for use in harlem.

    the M-4, with the option of single shot, 3-shot burst, or full automatic is designed specifically for use on the borders of the United States to stop illegals from entering. Plus its useful when you are hungry and see a deer.

    Great pictures though, the above is just me being sarcastic though someone is going to take offense, well, because its the internet.


    My father was killed by a gun purchased for self-defence. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Self-Defense: The Great Myth of America’s Gun Industry Guns have long been seen as tools of self-defense in the United States. But, contrary to gun industry hype, unintended consequences often happen when people buy guns for self-defense. Studies by public health professionals have repeatedly found that having a gun around for any reason increases the likelihood that a family member—as opposed to a criminal—will be injured or killed with a gun. A 1997 American Journal of Public Health study showed that family members that had a history of… Read more »


    @dusktime: repost rant. Its been a few months, so you should have something new to say, or new data to put up. Please?


    : I’ll see if my father can be killed with a gun again for you…