Tattooed pigs

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Belgian artist Wim Delvoye launched an Art Farm Pigs Growth Fund whereby people can invest in his swine farm outside Beijing in China.
A vegetarian who tattoos live pigs, in the name of art. Wim claims it\’s ‘Because they grow fast and they are so much better to tattoo than fish.’

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    Best practice, they say. Unless your in prison or something.


    i have a picture of a beheading you guyz want to see?


    I’m sure the swine really appreciate his efforts.




    I have no problems with tattooing pigs.

    But I also have no problem with eviscerating them, dismembering them, and eating the tastier dismembered chunks with BBQ sauce.

    I was born to eat swine.


    Pigs are pretty close to humans in a lot of ways biologically speaking, aren’t they? Skin, blood and organ-wise? Doesn’t seem like a bad canvas to practice on…aside from the fact swine probably hate the shit out of getting a tattoo. At least humans can look back on the pain and say “Worth it!” or “Ohh, never top off the night with tequila. You START with tequila. That way you don’t END with … what does that even say?! I love ga- OH NOOOO.”


    @Dyna-Mole: Really? How do you figure?


    @HoChunk: I think Dyna is being sarcastic.


    That is correct. I’m surprised you know about it. Pigs are in fact a lot like humans, that’s why it’s considered unhealthy to eat in some cultures.


    I do not waste my time explaining things, except to explain what I just explained.


    (insert mean comment)


    ‘Because they grow fast and they are so much better to tattoo than fish.’ That made me laugh and now I’m imagining someone trying to tattoo a fish.


    So much for the thought that the Japanese are the strangest people on Earth.


    @dieAntagonista: @Dyna-Mole:
    My hopes for a pig-tattoo exegesis are dashed. 🙁


    This bothers me, but I’m not sure why. I love bacon, Ilove ham, and I even love tattoos. But the fact the pig was held down and stabbed iwth a needle for that long, ow. It does seem cruel. My tattoo hurt like fuck. And if I had been held down against my will getting it… jesus.

    I hope they knock them out or anesthise them first. :/


    i dont get how you’d tattoo a pig with this much detail if the thing is awake. pigs are NOT very conducive to anything constructive or delicate

    i had a summer job servicing 300 pigs in the summer of ’91

    in b4 a casemods joke


    I knew that because I watch Mythbusters. They use pigs sometimes when they need organic results and ballistics gel won’t cut it.

    “Servicing” makes it sound like you were a pig whore.


    Uh, dismembering and eating pigs is sort of justified because to an extent it’s necessary. Tattooing them really isn’t. I’m having a hard time being OK with this.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    There is an entire science of trying to fit pigs hearts into humans as transplants.


    I’m pretty sure this guys anesthetizes the pigs when he tattoos them. I remember reading an article or something before about him. Here’s one: He’s got some other weird “art” projects too.


    @natedog: @MeggieMugs:

    I feel better now. 🙂 If they are knocked out, who cares. Especially if they’ll be eaten later anyway. XD


    I was just reading somewhere or other about body mods on animals. I read they’re tranquilized, but I think it’d suck to wake up with a giant painful tattoo either way.

    I think giving animals piercings for the hell of it is far worse–humans know not to scratch at them or tear them out, but a dog or cat probably sees it as something that isn’t supposed to be there, and would probably injure themselves trying to get rid of it.

    Alec Dalek

    Wait, which ones are pigs and which ones are American women? I can’t tell the difference.


    “…A vegetarian who tattoos live pigs, in the name of art”

    I can´t put both ideas together. I am a vegetarian, and also i work as a tattoo artist, and i would never do that, not in the name of art and not in the name of nothing. The quality of the works is pure shit and it´s obvious that the pigs didn´t ask for a tattoo, they´ll never do. Tattoos are for humans that demand them.


    I’d be a hypocrite if I were to bitch about the pain they must go through while being tattooed, yet love to eat their fried skin.

    And other goods.