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Who doesn\’t like them.


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    Alpha Harrison




    Knowing nothing of their sound, their albums look like Abercrombie ads. -_-


    It’s awesome music

    Luke Magnifico




    I know a lot of people hate them a lot, but I have to admit, they’re awesome. She’s amazingly hot. You can’t really see in this picture.
    Cassie is probably my favourite song, but the entire album is dope.

    Also, inb4 anyone complaining that they’re a Christian band.


    Wh . . . WHAT? WHAT? . . . . . . WHAT?!


    RSIxidor: Hm? Did I disappoint you? I’m sorry.

    Alpha Harrison

    Looks like Evanescence, but like, about four years late. Give or take


    Alpha Harrison: that’s basically what they sound like too imo


    c’mon, this band sucks.


    RoarI’mAZombie: I disagree. She’s got an absolutely unique voice. That singer from Evanescence, I can’t even remember her name, can’t scream nearly as sexy as Lacey can.


    dieAntagonista: yeah, their voices are different, but i think both bands are going for the same heavy, grungy sound with a strong female vocal. not my cup o’ tea i guess.


    in b4 “Lacuna Coil did it”


    dieAntagonista: i went to see After Edmund play a couple of weeks ago, and they were pretty awesome for a christian band. they have an album called “Hello” that’s worth a listen

    I officially hate this band now. Anything you post in defense of this crap will fall on deaf ears.






    That’s awesome. I wish I could see bands like that here also.

    I’ll see if I can get it. Although it’s no fun talking about them, when you have people going around saying that they hate them and whatnot.

    Fucking elitists.

    Once again, MonkeyHitman was right even about this subject.


    RSIxidor: Actually no. Let me take that back. You’re becoming one of those people we both complained about. I won’t feel sorry for that.


    dieAntagonista: Elitists?? How so? Just because we don’t like sorry butt rick bands like Flyleaf?? Grow up




    Artistic tastes have nothing to do with “elitism” and everything to do with personal opinion. It is of my opinion that this particular band sucks. It says nothing of Xian rock or emo grunge chick singers. All it says is that thsi particular one band failed to please my ears personally.

    You should never defend your tastes. Just enjoy them and damn the rest.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Never heard of them.

    Smacks of manufactured band and rehearsed angst.

    I likes my disenchanted singers drug addicted and genuine. This chick looks like she went to music school and majored in rebelling against “society”.

    Upon reading their wiki I can say they are definitely manufactured. That bio is so fake it reads like a 15 year old cutter’s wet dream.

    I especially liked her ‘don’t fuck with me ‘tude’ when she talked about her Christianity (please stop referring to it as faith. Faith can pertain to any religion. It’s Christian faith. Thanks.). She posits the brain masher: if a plumber is Christian does that make him a Christian plumber? in response to their band being labeled Christian. Well honeypie if the fat fuck sticks a cross and a picture of Jesus on every shitter he fixes then yes he is. This band obviously draws from and references their Christianity so they are a Christian band. And they suck black cock.

    Luke Magnifico

    You know what?

    How ’bout fuck no.

    This has been done before.

    And I don’t like this iteration any more than the others.


    Blondie: yeah good job. this band is beyond horrible.


    Angsty Christianity? Bwahaahaa.

    Seventeen layers of fail delicately interwoven and packaged as youth culture. What kind of eyeliner would jesus wear?


    Only heard Flyleaf on the radio a couple of times and what I heard I liked.


    I liked the first song for a while, but they wore on me like everything else that manages to get on the radio. Its not the worst.

    Shit, which kind of person? I’m so bad at memory.


    Blondie: TRUE



    Stating your opinion is when you say for example, I don’t like this band. I think they’re bad.

    Elitism is when you go, Oh my god, they’re so bad, look at me and my exaggerated emotions about a band I heard just a few moments ago.

    I wasn’t defending them, I just pointed out how fucking cliched everyone is. Defining themselves by what they don’t like. Yeah right.


    Who was talking to you?


    I know half these guys since we’re both from the Austin/Temple area of Texas. I jammed with Pat, the bassist, who was really cool and not bad. The guitarists, Jared and Sameer, are average at best and have HUGE ego issues. James, their drummer, flat out sucks. It takes little talent on the drums to do what he does. Lastly, Lacey is an arrogant bitch who wants it her way or the highway.

    I saw them 4 times in Texas, mainly in Austin such as Red 7, Emo’s, or Stubb’s, and all were opening for better, lesser recognized, more talented local bands.


    this band kicks ass and is one of the best bands with a woman as a lead singer. she is not like that sell out… whats her name?

    Snarky Parker

    Damn, a couple of people got ethered on this thread, lol…


    Then I will assume you were not refering to me. Seeing as how I first stated I had never heard of them, then after a youtube search and a few songs later, I decided for myself that I did not care for them.

    “Elitists” have no place in art. I wasn’t contending their existance, just the pointlessness of them being there in the first place. But you getting defensive sort of grouped you with them on my read-through. I see elitist listeners as those who defend their tastes with the idea that anyone who disagrees is somehow “beneath” them or simply “missing the point” when, in reality, we all just have different tastes.

    I’m a snob about certain hings, I know I am. But I’m never gonna snob it up over something as subjective as music. Hell, FlyLeaf could make an album I like in the future and I’ll gladly and openly admit that I enjoy it.

    To be perfectly honest, I like the new Metallica album, and I still hate half the band as human beings.


    I was. Kind of. You used a strong word – hate.

    Yeah I guess that’s what elitists are to me also, but I meant the elitist attitude in general. Some people seriously believe that by not liking something, it means they have good taste. That’s completely ridiculous. So many people literally define themselves by what they don’t like. It blows my mind how anyone could think that that has any meaning whatsoever.

    And when it comes to things like metal, and Christian bands, I’d rather jam a pencil in my eye than discuss it with anyone who thinks like that.

    I like their new album too, but I don’t hate them. I’m kinda really loyal. Once I like a band, I’ll like them forever. Or at least the albums that made me like them.


    It’s a sound I haven’t hear 10 000 times before. For that I’ll tolerate the vocals. If any of you know of a band that’s the same, but better (there has to be), let me know.

    However you define taste, most people don’t have it. No matter who you are or what you like, chances are, most people think you have bad taste in (insert subject here).


    Perhaps I’m terminally un-hip, but I’ve never heard them.


    I think it’s very average.


    Poor excuse for a band IMO.


    wow, they sound bad.


    She reminds me of Avril Lavignengnengnenge in every way.


    Not my cup of tea. Image wise they seem like another “OH GOD LOOK AT HOW ARTISTIC WE ARE” type of band. There is definitely an influence from Thursday in their music.


    That’s not elitism. That’s like saying people who don’t want to eat McDonald’s, for whatever reason, are elitist. It has nothing to do with being better than other people, and everything to do with your taste.

    Music is probably the most subjective of artistic experiences.

    Personally, I like my music to not be overproduced crap created to turn a profit like McDonald’s. Maybe it’s because I’m a musician. After all, a chef would rather eat a fine dish well made than a microwave dinner.

    C’mon, you sound a little… butthurt when misuse the term elitism like that. If you like a certain type of music, defend it on its grounds; Don’t make it a proletariat versus bourgeois thing. It makes you sound pretentious, even if that’s the opposite effect of what you are going for.


    Dude, did you even read what I wrote. I didn’t say that people are elitists for not liking things they think are bad. I said it’s elitist to have this attitude like your taste is good based on what you don’t like. What, do you disagree with that?
    And I really only meant Cathy who immediately said she “hated” the band.

    Oh yeah, their lack of talent makes me rage! Someone give me some kind of weapon or I won’t be able to make clear how insulted I feel.


    dieAntagonista: You said, and I quote:
    “Elitism is when you go, Oh my god, they’re so bad, look at me and my exaggerated emotions about a band I heard just a few moments ago.”
    That, again, is not elitism. When someone has a certain taste, it is in their right to espouse their opinion and what is what is not palatable to them. I don’t like french fries. Weird, I know. If someone asks my why I don’t like them, I’m allowed to explain just what it is I don’t like about them. I’m not trying to be ‘cool/elitist/whatever,’ I’m expressing a genuine opinion on the matter.
    This band reeks of pre-packaged commercialism. Like a Twinkie. It’s almost completely artificial, and built upon already pre-ordained popular tastes. I happen to not like that. Saying that I (or others) are not allowed to voice dissent on the matter is censorship.
    You want to win the argument? Then argue. Don’t just fly into defensive mode. “You’re an elitist!” It’s ad hominem, and it doesn’t progress the discussion.


    Paul_Is_Drunk: arguing doesn’t make you win comments lol, just make things worse.


    comments ~ arguments*


    God, they’re awful.

    They’re god-awful.

    Their awful god.

    Luke Magnifico

    I think we should all just put on some Bruce Springsteen and let it CALM US ALL THE FUCK DOWN.

    purple banana

    Eh I checked out the clip, as well as a few others (many bands have bad clips once in a while) but I can’t get out of my head that it seems like they’re trying too hard (especially the lead singer) to be hard, or to represent the “misunderstood” angsty teen group…

    It’s one thing to have a new sound and new methods and to call yourself original, but I’ve heard this style of music, same type of lyrics before… When the guys purposely cake on eyeliner that thick, it tends to be a good indication that the band is more than equal parts image to sound, which takes away a lot of their credibility to me.

    The female lead singer’s vocals seem too cliche- like she thinks the moaning and slurring of vocals is so bad it’s good, but the only singer who can really pull that off is Bjork. And I’m sure everyone on this board can agree that Bjork is certainly unique, whether you like her or not… (But I love her!)

    tl;dr I don’t like it.

    Luke Magnifico

    Also, from what I saw, everyone except the two on the right was trying too hard to be XTREEMLY HARDCOAR.

    Especially the second guy from the left.


    purple banana: you should be careful to post opinions before reading what people wrote. trolls lurk everywhere lol



    I’m afraid you don’t get it.

    I said “exaggerated emotions” – I hinted on how she said that she hated the band. I highly doubted she felt such strong emotions over disliking a band she knew almost nothing about. That’s a pretty lame attitude, and that’s what I meant. Not her not liking the band, but exaggerating like that.

    Also, your perspective on ad hominem attacks are outdated. For a long time, ad hominem attacks were considered fallacious, though recent authors and the like have stated that it’s often appropriate to draw attention to some feature of a person’s character. Like Christopher Tindale has done in “Fallacies and Argument Appraisal.”


    Oh yeah, Björk rules. Hard. Americans have told me I sound a little like her.


    is outdated* That made me cringe now. Well done.

    Luke Magnifico

    I see no one has taken my advice yet.

    I’m working on a dream
    Though trouble can feel like it’s here to stay
    I’m working on a dream
    Well our love will chase trouble away

    [whistling interlude]

    That’s professional whistling right thar.



    You know what you are? A torthaí ciotrais.


    dieAntagonista: I don’t really care what your opinion is about people being “elitist” for not liking your band… That’s the kid whining cause the other kids don’t like the game he wants to play, so he takes his metaphorical ball and goes home.

    dieA. You’re hot chicka, but looks only do so much. Once in a while, how about shut the fuck up. You talk tooooooooo much. If you spent HALF the energy you do on “correcting wrong people on the internet,” on something… ELSE.. Who knows, there could be a cure for cancer somewhere in that equation.
    I’m honestly sick of reading funny comments only to have my enjoyment train derailed by your bullshit opinions.


    *pulls out a lighter*

    Luke Magnifico

    dieAntagonista: ….cén sort torthaí ciotrais? Oráiste? Líomóid?


    mintymadness: ]

    I suggest you leave. With all due haste.



    Another one who doesn’t get it.
    Let me try this like Lotus would do it, there really is no other way. I can see now why he does it like that.


    All I’m saying is that exaggerating like a 10 year old is really anything but childish.


    dieAntagonista: Björk does rule. Top 10 concerts I’ve seen.

    I do get it. Again, using food, if I taste something that I don’t enjoy, it’s not a stretch to say that I hate it. I hate french fries, although I love potatoes. I knew that from my first bite. I also hate pickles, but love relish. Again, a first impression that has never changed with subsequent tastings. I also fucking hate Nickleback, and knew that from their first song. It’s a valid stance to take.

    Ad hominems are a way from distracting the argument. Yes, they can be very effective in the court of law (when not objected) or in politics, but they are a diversionary tactic towards the discussion at hand. If it’s elitist to dislike this band, explain way. If this band is good, explain what you like about them. Don’t go defensive. No one wins on defense. You can only lose ground, or get angry. Neither one really helps you.

    I’ve got a business meeting in a few, so I’m going to have to leave it at that. Also, don’t take it so personally.

    ColombianMonkey: Very true. But what can change the nature of man? (Name the quote and you get +1 internets).


    dieAntagonista: because…why?

    Or else….? I have to listen to psuedo-emo bitch go off on some tangent about jew-hating being equivalent to eating babies, or whatever other weird dumb, profoundly time-wasting diatribe she happens to come up with? Please..

    Whatever she has to say at this point falls on deaf-ears. Another “statistic” is what she is.
    Good Riddance.

    Luke Magnifico

    *nothing but



    One moment. I’m having second language fail here.

    Exaggerating like a 10 year old is not impressive. That’s all I was trying to say.

    Please stop insulting my intelligences and complimenting my looks. Or no, you can continue doing the latter, but do it quietly so nobody gets upset.

    Here, have a cookie.

    Luke Magnifico

    mintymadness: I don’t even know what you;re talking about any more.


    gah last comment was directed at luke.. something fucked up obviously.

    Whatever you all get the point. Carry on.


    *raises hand*

    Luke Magnifico

    mintymadness: See, here’s the thing.

    DieAntagonista may be crazy and opinionated, and crazy opinionated.

    But she says things that are interesting and funny.

    You do not.

    Therefore, I struggle to listen to you.

    Also, do you really come here, M[C]S of all places, to find pictures and discussions that are not “weird dumb, profoundly time-wasting”?

    What the hell is your major malfunction?

    Personally, I fucking love diatribes.

    Luke Magnifico

    Dungholder: Put

    Your hand

    Back down.


    mintymadness: Whoa. Did you just call me a pseudo emo bitch? Man. I thought we were friends. And I wanted to meet your wife. Try her glasses on and touch her in inappropriate places.


    YOU. When will you teach me some Irish. So that I can insult you more effectively, without having to resort to this citrus talk.

    Luke Magnifico

    dieAntagonista: Hey, I was very offended by that citrus talk.

    Also, never.

    Is mine.

    Snarky Parker

    Man, I now know how what kind of pics get the most comments: music, politics, and religion. And btw I intend to be a spectator of this debate because I really haven’t listened to Flyleaf.

    Luke Magnifico

    We must get Obama to join a Jewish J-pop band.


    LukeV1-5: First you get me all excited by saying you fucking love diatribes and now this.

    Don’t make me beg.

    Snarky Parker:

    Well what did you expect. Did you think that people would be any different on the Internet. Well ok, I’m not this offensive in real, but I like to discuss the same things for sure.
    Also, so did you listen to the new Themselves album? You totally ignored my last comment when I asked you that.

    Luke Magnifico

    dieAntagonista: But the black energy of a power trip is what fuels me.

    That and Dr Pepper.

    Ok, ok. Give me a phrase to put into Irish, and I will do it.

    But only because you’re such an adorable foreigner.


    I’ve never had any Dr. Pepper. I feel betrayed.

    Hm yeah that’s not what I meant. I could give you some obscure line to translate but that won’t be useful. Tell me some classic phrase in Irish. An expression for example that other people can’t just google.

    And that last line makes this humiliating fight totally worth it.

    purple banana

    ColombianMonkey: Oh I did read ever single post throughout… Some have excellent points, others are not so great… I don’t know why people feel they need to defend their own music choices, listen to what makes you happy. People give me shit all the time for liking Barry Manilow 😛 Trolls are trolls, I don’t mind them 🙂



    I just realised what you wrote there. Is that really what you think of me? I can’t really remember having ever compared jew-hating to eating babies or anything like that. In fact, if you go back to the Rihanna post I joke around with the very well known Nazi aka Herr Kommissar. I said I’m cool with him even though he wants to turn me into soap. Whatever you’re trying to portray me as here, it is not true and I’m disappointed.
    What would this site be without weird dumb time-wasting diatribes? Do you really think that that’s not exactly what Tiki hopes for?

    I would also like to state that my English has improved immensely since I started wasting all my Internet time on this site. Which is another reason why I’m going to continue with this until I get to study English in England or something insane like that.

    But I really don’t understand how it could bother you so much that you’d have to name call me like that. And you then go on to call me a statistic. I think of all the things I am, even the people who dislike me, will admit that I’m a lot more than that.


    Paul_Is_Drunk: pshh lol

    LukeV1-5: ???
    Paul_Is_Drunk: 10+ Internet if you can find out from who these belong to.

    “observation should never stop at your goal, because time has proven that we are always wrong.”

    “never judge a man by his words, words behold no truth. That is and will always be our biggest failure.”


    purple banana:i based my advice on tl;dr. but it’s good to see your perspective on music isn’t close minded.

    Snarky Parker


    ha ha…

    Still haven’t heard it (or know where I can download that album). And you jumped the gun on that comment: check your MySpace page.


    LukeV1-5: Thank you. Brain has seized up imagining Obama fronted J pop jewish band.
    dieAntagonista: Weapon? Well my young apprentice, start by picking up that tea spoon. When you are able to render a target unconscious with a single blow, you may move up to the Gravy Ladle.
    As for the band, will have to see more. They do sing something else besides a NIN cover, yes?


    Snarky Parker:

    Haha yeah I’m being sarcastic for the most part and my sense of humour seems to anger a lot of people. But this is all just on a screen, and I try hard to do good things in my life so I really don’t feel guilty.

    Well they released the album for free, you can get the original on the anticon site. But it’s one huge file, I don’t know why they did that. Instead you can download the individual files all at once here:

    It’s got Aesop Rock, Busdriver, Buck65, Odd and Why. It’s dopedopedope.


    DIS IZ TEH INTERNETZ & MAI PENOR IZ BIGGER!!!!111!!!!1ON!!!11!!E1!!!!RAWR!!!R!111!!


    Fuck this band.


    Paul_Is_Drunk: I thought really hard about what i said and based on “regularity” of everyday life what i said appears to be correct but really it’s wrong. Sometimes to motivate someone you need to use an intelligent multi purpose argument on them, in which you can share an example of vision and understanding to complete your the goal. But the reason why it hardly never works is because people are too hard headed, shrouded by there own believes (non-religious)to be corrected if wrong. you cannot teach someone something if they don’t want to learn. sadly nobody has the right hand to judge right from wrong. words decieve and lies so much it cannot be trusted so a form of reasoning in which one thing is inferred to be similar to another thing in a certain respect, on the basis of the known similarity between the things in other respects is or only option of desicion making. as much as i hate the restriction on our minds, It has made us strive to get better results for our questions. Another fault with this is that everything we do or say is based of emotions they impact everything we do. and everyone yes everyone loves to use this fact against this “dangerous” tatic, why dangerous? it’s stated in this comment. To me on my perspective it seems all to confusing such drastict actions one need to take to express understanding. this causes my mind to drift into a black hole, painfull? yes but i love it. Anyhow this topic provides a perfect ingredients to show what i mean. but the effects of doing so are too bad to go with.

    I may have drifted very far away from the topic, but I trust your intelligence with confiedence that you will connect the dots and understand my drift lol.


    Now, I will show you how to defend yourself from man armed with a banana.


    This band sucks ass.

    I am so sick of this recent down pouring of christian bands on the music scene.

    Most of them say they are christian, yet are too afraid to even directly sing about their god.

    Christians are so funny.

    I was talking to a fellow atheist friend of mine today. I was like “dude I hate Christians” and she was like “yeah me 2” and some christian walks by and says “WELL YOU BOTH CAN GO FUCK YOURSELVES THEN!”

    Silly, silly Christians!

    Arent you guys supposed to be spreading the message of Christ? I always thought Christ looked down on fucking ones self?



    lockedandloaded: dude……dude……dude… ” ¯\(°_o)/¯ ” has been stolen! thanks 🙂

    Ras Fred

    Wow. Much running of the word hole.


    94 posts. I’m not about to read them all.(can an entire thread be tl;dr?)

    Anywho. I like their music, and to any of you fags who think that nothing is music unless it is never played on the air, fuck you. There is a reason shit makes it to radio. More people like it than the shit you listen to that no one else has ever heard of.

    Claiming to like some jerkoff band that never gets any play and no one else knows about doesn’t make you a music connisseur. It makes you a dumb ass.



    I’d like to come on my defense, even if it wasn’t directed at me, and say that my two favorite bands are fairly known and have been featured on MTV (how much lower than that?).

    But I still think this band is full of shit.


    Dreth: No, no. That was only ment for certian assholes. You know, every time music is brought up here, you have some douchebags screaming “Sonic Chicken Soup is the only music worth listening to. Their album “”Lite Jazz”” is the best album ever!”

    That’s the fags I’m talking about.


    Holy long thread, Batman!


    ColombianMonkey: Tsk.

    No internets for you. The quote is from an unbelievably cool video game called Planescape: Torment. The answer to that question is pretty much the plot to the game.

    No idea on the two quotes you provided, but the second one sounds vaguely religious. So no internets for me, either.


    That was one long paragraph filled with spelling and grammatical mistakes. I reread it a few times, and get the gist of what you’re saying, even if you seemingly purposefully obtuse your meaning.

    Soooo… yes, people who aren’t receptive to criticism won’t really listen to an argument. I wouldn’t say everything we do is based on emotion, though it is always a factor.

    Really, I have to ask: Where you trying to make that as unclear as possible, or did the acid finally kick in?


    100 Post.

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