Would you hit it?

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    40 Responses ttto Would you hit it?

    1. KommissarKvC says:


      just watch out for when the monkey throws poo at you

    2. aarpie says:

      So hard that if you pulled it out, you’d be the next king of England.

      And eff you Kommissar.

    3. deleted_user says:

      Her face looks like a bird or something…

    4. @KommissarKvC:

      OMG, you are so shocking!

      We should hang out together listening to ICP at 7-11 sometime.


    5. TheLotusEater725 says:

      You win. Seriously, what you just did to him is the intellectual equivalent of slaughtering a thousand lambs in the name of sport.

    6. rompSku says:

      like the Thor’s mighty hammer!

    7. TheLotusEater725 says:


      Damn kommissar, Paul is right. You really are willing to say what is afraid to be spoken. Tell me, would you like to come over to my house and spray paint swastikas on school buses? We can go to 7-11 and have politically scathing conversation about minorities. I have a brand new system of a down cd so we can show people the truth.

    8. parasitegod says:

      I’d hit it till the bruises and bite marks on her face ruin my music career.

    9. Dreth says:

      Everyone makes fun of black people here, but when the herd finds that ass and titties counter the blackness in the person, they are rapidly to turn on whoever’s not turned on.

      Rihanna’s nice, sure she’s hot, but not that great, plus with that douche bag of a boyfriend beating her up then breaking up, thne going back together, you can tell she’s also lacking in the brain department.

    10. mykyl says:

      I’d hit it all night long too and in the morning for get waffles!

    11. Skulltimo says:

      @Dreth: I disagree that everyone makes fun of black people… no one singles any one person out. There’s memes mocking every single thing in existence wether its colour, creed, religion, bodymass and Star Trek, no bias here.

      Kommisar however, is a racist nob, because she knows no better and thinks its funny. And hopefully that will all change once she gets laid and grows up.

    12. Dreth says:

      I didn’t mean as in black people are our only source of amusement, but they’re certainly included. When it’s watermelons or fried chicken, still racist, but fun.

      I didn’t even know Kommisar’s a girl, which makes it all the more sweet. Needs to grow up? In a sea of “LOLWOT” and obscure internet references and 4Chan reposts? HAH!

    13. I regret to inform you people, Kommissar is a man. Oh yeah, most definitely.

      The only Nazi woman I have ever met was obese, had a mohawk, and beat me until I couldn’t walk. I can outrun the obese ones, normally, but she stood around the corner and caught me by surprise.

      Nazi women ain’t no fun, let me tell you.

    14. HoChunk says:

      KKvC: One-trick pony is one-trick, and responses should reflect his lack of effort. Just tell him to gobble a cock and move on.

    15. Deluxe says:

      I’d never hit it. Not appealing to me.

    16. sickmindedone says:

      I see wot u did there.

    17. Deleted_User says:

      I’d hit it like a drunk driver.

    18. Denmarkian says:

      Not Sure if Want…

    19. Vrik says:

      Nothing wrong with the way she looks, but the intertubes lost the point of motivational posters before the first scanner was invented.

    20. Silverwolf says:

      Please ignore the little ranting racist in the corner.

      On the other hand, I’d hit it… with a whole can of whip cream, then I’d hit it… with my tongue.

    21. Ben1605 says:

      Hands up how many people actually understood the joke in this poster.

      *holds hand up*

    22. Nemo Intermundorum says:


      *Hold up hand* Yeah, I groaned a little… wanted to see what everyone else said, but it turned into a stupid “No U!” thread again. Go figure.

    23. sickmindedone says:

      @Ben1605: I said I see wot u did there! It garnered a chuckle from me.

    24. Sticky says:

      *hands up*
      I heard the news while I was driving to the store to get some food a couple weeks ago.

    25. KommissarKvC says:

      I get laid, and not with diseased little baboon whores like the one in the pic

      yep, like most other things, even when it comes to being a nazi, americans fail so hard it makes other people’s brains hurt just by hearing about it

      and for the rest of you, if you want this thing in the pic, invest in penicillin

    26. HoChunk says:

      @KommissarKvC: Corner the market on cyanide & Kool-Aid and it’s a deal.

    27. Madru says:

      Chris Brown allready did, in a non sexual way

    28. @KommissarKvC: Die Antagonista is Austrian. (No, not Australia). You continue to fail.

      It appears the correlation between stupidity and racism is high.

    29. @Paul_Is_Drunk: I think he meant the people who thought he was a woman.

      Kommissar and I are cool. He wants to turn me into soap, but it’s ok, I forgive him.

      After all, I do smell quite nice.

    30. CZ says:

      *hand held high* I think she is gorgeous. What a shame…

    31. rattybad says:

      @KommissarKvC: Right, because it’s widely know that skin color causes venereal disease. You so smart!

    32. KommissarKvC says:

      no, its not the skin colour, its the culture of those with that colour and those of other colours that take on their culture

      Blacks and Wiggers are the worlds biggest whores and assist in spreading VD

      He’s Austrian
      explains why he took the easy and lazy path in life

    33. @KommissarKvC:

      He? Do you even speak German? Because if you did, you would know what “die” means. And what’s that supposed to mean. Easy and lazy path? Why. What did I do.

      I will hunt you down if you don’t answer.

    34. Dreth says:


    35. LeeHarveyOswald says:

      I’d hit it… With the back of my hand

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