Wolverine Healing Factor

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… on cosmic crack

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    wouldnt he then not have adamantium? He wouldnt regen that. what if 2 drops were regened in different rooms?


    loogaroo: It is true that he would not have the adamantium on his bones. It is also true that, in that particular comic, they overlooked that little problem. That’s what happens when dealing with super alien comic book mojo.


    be a hell of a way to mass produce adamantium


    loogaroo: i think you may have stumbled across the answer as to why he is everywhere.


    looks like he learned a little something from Dr. Manhattan


    @loogaroo: Good call. I will attempt to explain away this problem. He is a mutant with unpredictable, and uncharted genetic makeup, and DNA even in humans is chemically rewritten as we live… the DNA in his body could have “mutated” to accept the Adamantium as part of his physical make up, meaning he could potentially pass an exoskeleton onto his offspring.

    Also there’s a magic crystal involved, so there.


    “…the genetic data encoded in a single cell. Or a drop of blood.” Yeah, because a drop of blood doesn’t contain a shitload of cells, does it? 😀


    I remember the comic in question. The crystal grants godlike powers, so he just “wished” himself a new set of claws/endoskeleton (that’s right, Dyna-Mole, endo-, it’s inside of him). He then destroyed the crystal, since no one should have that kind of power or something.


    WistfulD: So do I –an annual, iirc. This “Horde” guy was a one-shot knockoff of Arcade or Mojo or…whatever. I liked the Davis art a lot at the time –he was the guy who, among other things, drew the first-ever battle between Wolverine & Sabertooth, & later worked with Claremont on Excalibur.

    Vrik: Huh?


    HoChunk: What?


    So wolverine is now Dr. Manhattan?


    Vrik: Wasn’t sure what you were trying to say about the cell/blood thing.

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