Obama – Mistake (?)

obamamistake.jpg (33 KB)

O – One
B – Big
A – *Ass
M – Mistake
A – America

Saw this as a sticker on a car last night, had to find it on the internets to post it. Funniest one I\’ve seen.


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    Can’t possibly be a worse mistake than electing and then RE-Electing his predecessor…


    SO bored with Politics and Politicians…
    Why can’t we have honest debates between major CEO’s about our Future ? This having puppets between us and our employers just messes things up and makes us beleive in silly concepts such as free choice and democracy….yawn…


    Hey he isn’t that bad. Ok so maybe he spent over one trillion dollars of money that we don’t have in less than one sixteenth of the time Bush was in office and waging war in two nations and after a massive natural disaster and increased military spending and policing efforts. So maybe the national reserve is monetizing the debt which historically is a last ditch effort to keep the economy from coming to a grinding halt. Ok so maybe almost everyone he hired is from previous administrations and wall street. So maybe he says he encourages bi partisanship, yet resorts to blaming current economic problems on the bush presidency. So maybe he is signing bills loaded with earmarks and pork barrell spending. He has only been in office for a few months go easy on him…


    We build this country on money we didn’t have, i don’t see how we cannot fix it like that as well. Look in your history books my friend, the depressions we have experienced in the past where cured with similar actions. How can we blame him for doing a text book anti-depression maneuver. McCain would of done something quite similar as well.


    thelotuseater725: I’m curious about part of that. Why is it against his message of bipartisanship to call the Bush disaster a disaster revolving around George W. Bush? Would lying about it make the GOP feel good enough about itself to say he’s bipartisan?

    I’m sure if/when he fucks up bigtime he’ll have no problem saying it was his party’s mistake.

    The McCain/Palin ticket terrified me but that doesn’t make the other guy a damn savior. You don’t get to the notoriety of running for president by being a good person…it just doesn’t happen that way.


    TrayShadix: Did you watch obamas speech at the Democratic caucus when he signed the first bailout? He spent the whole damn time blaming the bush administration. This problem is not solely george bush’s fault, it was a combination of Bush and clinton era politics in combination with the burst of the .Com bubble. To say this was solely george bush’s fault is just partisan bullshit. Don’t claim to be bi-partisan when your actions are doing nothing to say otherwise.


    P.S. Good luck conservatives with Rush Limbaugh being the face of the “reasonable” party. 😛


    Funny that, people giving Obama shit about trying to stimulate the collapsing economy by spending money we don’t have. No one seems to remember Bush spending money we don’t have when the economy was good and we should have been using that surplus to pay down the national debt instead of adding to it by slashing taxes for the wealthy. Or that it was the Republican party that pushed the whole deregulation thing that allowed huge financial institutions to get monstrous in size and complexity which they couldn’t sustain and caused this global economic crisis when their house of cards collapsed.

    Nice that fiscal conservatives finally found their voices… around about January 20th, coincidentally …


    holy shit! i thought the election was over so people would stop bitching about it


    deuce is right. But I don’t feel like I have the right to comment on this since I’m not American. I have no idea how bad it really is. Although our economy got worse as well.

    Lotus, you know there isn’t much you can do about this right. Stop getting so angry.


    lotuseater you are dumb


    dyna-mole you are a horse pussy.


    deuce: I didn’t forget. Bush Borrowed about three trillion from china.



    Just say the puppets of Democracy crapped on the USA, and pray to whatever gods you worship Obama comes through with this ‘change’ hes been preaching

    that and his ‘change’ doesnt take any hints from his anti-white preacher friend, USA has been crapped on enough with a white majority abusing the blacks, without the tables being turned


    You have no idea how stupid that comment is.
    Stop for a second, and ask yourself, “How stupid is that comment?”
    I think you’ll be amazed at actually how dumb it is.
    A) The national debt is mostly owned by the government. It’s called intragovernmental debt. It’s about 43.5% of the national debt.
    B) Another 30.7% of the national debt is owned by American citizens. Ever get a bond from your grandmother for your birthday? Congrats. You own national debt.
    C) Only 25.7% of the national debt is owned by foreigners.
    …of which 28.9% is owned by the Japanese
    …only 15.8% of it is owned by the Chines
    …that’s 15.8% of 25.7%. That’s roughly 4% of the total national debt.

    Here’s a lesson: Learn the facts, and you won’t come across as an ignorant jack ass. Good day, sir.


    deuce: Well It is deeper than just the republican party pushing deregulation.. That is not to say the democrats ruined the economy mind you, But you are kidding yourself if you think they didn’t have a hand.

    And you are right, this whole situation isn’t even obama specific, but much like bush he hasn’t been making wise decisions. Bush came in during the end of a prosperous period in our nations economic history and came into a Tumultuous time. I mean look at how much shit happened. We saw one of the most violent attacks ever carried out on a nation. New york city posted a 105 billion dollar loss. Couple that with the half trillion dollars that has been spent in iraq, 78 Billion in Afganistan and rampant pork barrell spending and corporate greed at all levels of government and you have a nice game of “point the finger”


    Paul_Is_Drunk: It is smarter than kommissars.


    thelotuseater725: Well that goes without saying.


    Paul_Is_Drunk: Dude paul, i already know all that. I never pinned china as being the reason we are in debt, Shit we are still paying off debts to Japan for Black Monday and as you stated it only makes up a small percentage of our debt.


    why is the americans borrowing money from teh same people the nuked?




    ColombianMonkey: America has established military bases there allowing them to develop their economy instead of paying a majority of their taxes towards their military, thereby giving them an excess of funds that allow them to loan to the very nation that has established military bases there?

    I’m more surprised Germany isn’t even in the top 3 foreign investors of the American government.


    ColombianMonkey: When you go to war for 8 years on top of other wars like the war against drugs, the war against homelessness, the war on immigration and other stupid wars. The money has to be borrowed from somewhere because all the business in America is outsourced.TA DA!

    thelotuseater725: Everyone is smarter than that jackass Kommissar, except casemods.


    Paul_Is_Drunk: ah ok, never knew.
    Puulaahi: lol war on drugs lol.. that sounds funny lol. to sleep to say something smart enough. so i heard you guys like pokemon.


    Paul_Is_Drunk: Plus after ww2 we have engaged in billions ( if not trillions) of dollars of trade with them. We buy their cars, their musical instruments, their construction equipment. In turn they purchase our Computer parts,Our developing technologies ( which they then further develop. Prime example? The game console industry)and engage in numerous joint ventures with our companies. They even purchase our military hardware.


    so america sells the enemy military shit and then fight against them? that aint so smart.


    Puulaahi: Oh man that is lower than low.


    ColombianMonkey: Military development firms in the United States are private, not publicly/government owned. They’d sell to kids if they could get away with it.

    President Eisenhower warned against the military complex developed after WW2 that lead to these things, but we had developed television and people were too busy to care.


    thelotuseater725: When I aim to hit I make sure it hurts.

    Paul_Is_Drunk: Shhhh American Idol is on.


    It’s really convenient how many economy experts are right here on M[C]S. It’s so refreshing to see life-long dedication to financial analysis as opposed to bored internet lurkers who read a few wiki history pages and Google-fished charts written by bloggers to distor-…oh.

    Christ, you ask a question and get a shitstorm.


    Oh so hilarious..
    It already happened, he’s already in office and will be for the next few years. Get the fuck over it, really. As if he could do a worse job than Bush or McCain


    TrayShadix: pure retarded troll but continue 🙂


    ColombianMonkey: Yeah, you’ve got me there. Asking a question about perception ended in a riot about recent financial history that nobody really knows enough about to argue over anyway – I wondered what a direct accusation of that fact would bait out of the aggravated masses calling eachother morons. Sorry O:)


    TrayShadix: And what are your qualifications then if you are just Oh so enlightened?

    “as opposed to bored internet lurkers who read a few wiki history pages and Google-fished charts written by bloggers to distor-…oh.”

    Then what the hell do you expect us to do? Listen to what the media says or the government says and take it as solid fact?


    thelotuseater725: I’m not enlightened by any means, I saw the same charts and lies and justifications, and that’s about it; still pretty in the dark about it. Though, you’ll also notice I didn’t attempt to explain why we’re in trouble or whose fault it is. I just wondered why a guy who’s been in power for a few months of an economy that’s been in recession for two years saying that the fault lies with people before him made him somehow lose honor – not to imply he had much to begin with, again, you don’t get that far in politics playing nice.


    TrayShadix: Who are you arguing against? I’m pretty much on your side, and as far as I’ve read, I’m the only one supplying data. Data that is readily available on government websites, as it’s public knowledge.


    if you didn’t do a research on it and didnt make that chart don’t trust it with your balls.


    Paul_Is_Drunk: I really hesitate to pick a side about things that JUST happened. I was terrified of McCain so I supported Obama to the extent of him beating McCain. That doesn’t mean I think Obama is a revolutionary president, in all odds he’s probably just as much a figurehead puppet controlled by the banking elite as anyone else would have been.

    As far as the financial crisis goes, I make no claim to know what’s going on because I don’t think anybody really can until long after it’s already over – all I’m sure of is that some really corrupt fucks did some really backhanded shit and I’m fine saying I’m against that. Really against that.


    TrayShadix: I don’t like to pick sides either, as I’m a proponent of proportional democracy, but you have to vote for somebody.

    Here’s the simplest explanation of the financial crisis I’ve been able to find. It leaves out the fine details, but if you watch it, you will have an understanding of what’s going on.


    P.S. Read the Audacity of Hope. I was sure it would be more patting on the back of a political candidate, but he’s surprisingly level-headed. I don’t think there’s an instance were he doesn’t heavily weight both sides of an issue. (Not that he’s a deity like so many people in the world would like him to be).


    Paul_Is_Drunk: Ahah, thanks. This looks like it’s going to make my night. I’ve been debating reading that book. A lot of them came out before the election and I looked at it as a bunch of self-aggrandizing publicity, but if people are still into it this much later I should give it a read.


    I have no idea what will work and as far as I can tell most experts don’t know either. Everyone is talking as if they know that something will work. What if that’s not true? What if no single thing will work? What is the definition of financial success? What are the various plans supposed to accomplish? If these questions aren’t, or can’t be, answered, all the various plans are “full of sound and fury; signifying nothing”.


    TrayShadix: Alright i get what you are saying there. I am inclined to agree with you in that sense.



    2 Things:

    1) The New Deal improved the economy every single year, except the one year that FDR caved to the rich conservatives that were afraid it would destroy the economy. (Yes, WW2 helped a lot, but it was on a constant up-swing beforehand. There’s a reason he was elected 4 times to office).

    2) Believe it or not, welfare states work. Most people assume that means giving octo-moms money for kids or something of the like, but it honestly doesn’t. Check this out:

    (P.S. The U.S. IS currently a form of welfare state).

    The single truth of this whole thing, however, is that it will take time. Politicians have been promising quick fixes to everything from 9/11 to Hurricane Katrina for so long that they honestly expect that it’s possible. It’s not.

    The fact is that a lot of money was burned up through bad financial practice of mortgage firms ‘n’ the like, and just like recovering from surgery, it’s not going to happen overnight. The wounds have to heal.

    However, you’d be wise to ignore the talking heads on TV. Many have recently admitted that what they say on TV is not what they actually believe in real life, and that they’re in it for the ratings. Probably the biggest single downfall of trying to fill a 24 hour news network with 24 hours of news.


    Paul_Is_Drunk: Yeah that is what i have been hearing about Audacity of hope from a few friends. My fear with it is the fact that Barack Obama is by no means a stupid man. Obviously I don’t approve of his decisions but that doesn’t mean the guy isn’t smart, i mean i always keep in mind that at any time he could ” prove me wrong.” The problem is that smart men know just what to say to get other smart men to support them.


    thelotuseater725: Socrates once said that the more you know, the more you know you don’t know. Which, while very true, is the best way to prove to other ‘smart people’ that you’re intelligent. Obama is very good at supporting only that that the evidence supports. I wouldn’t say I agree with 100% (or even 70%) of what Obama believes, but he does give me confidence as a leader in a way that George W. Bush never did.

    At the same time, it could be said that stupid people are very good at knowing what to say to get other stupid people to support them. Again, look at George W. Bush.

    I think the most telling part of the Audacity of Hope, is that Obama admits that he’s a very new man on the political scene, and in being so, is very open to people ascribing talents/abilities/ideals to him that he doesn’t actually posses. If you watch all the Obama-philia these days, you can see he practically predicted this happening. He goes a long way in the book in describing how this is actually detrimental towards both his career and his ability to helping the American people.

    Obama is, at the core, a victim of his own success and ‘newness.’

    On that note I’m trashed on a bottle of quality 2005 French Merlot, and am depressing myself with a thread on /co/. Goodnight all.


    socrates r the shiznit


    What’s with all the nutruckus about Obama? He’s been in office for like 2 months…


    Paul_Is_Drunk: Citing Socrates doesn’t actually “prove” that you’re intelligent, even to other “smart” people. It just lets them know that you’ve come across one quotation snippet from an author you’ve probably not otherwise read. Cite about a dozen more Socrates quotations from memory and maybe you’ll have something there. And just because Socrates said it doesn’t mean you’ve formed a proof. I often wonder how many people go “I don’t know enough” and then say to themselves, “Yeah, that means I’m like a genius or something.”


    bleh. The man’s been in office for 3 months. Just goes to shwo you the general public is NEVER happy with who’s in office. Presidents aren’t “revered” and “missed” until the next few guys take over. Then all of eth sudden people start talking about how great FDR was, or how wonderful Cilnton was.


    Alec Dalek

    I fail to detect humour in this sticker. The man hasn’t even had a chance yet. Former president Dumbass spent the first 10 months of his presidency on “vacation”, yet Obama is expected to come up with instant results. Enjoy the shit-hole Bush turned your once proud nation into. We all laugh at you.


    i win to detect stupidity in your comment


    This should help all those confused: www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/tentrillion/

    teezy weezy

    The interlect behind that must be huge.


    I like how half the people that voted for him hate him now… People are so smart.


    Give the man a frickin chance. He’s been in office 61 days in the middle of a huge f’ing crisis and everyone is declaring him a failure already. WTF? How much did you f’ing do in your first 60 days at your job? What if the company that hired you was going bankrupt? In the first 60 days you’re going to make some miraculous changes and fix everything? STFU morons.


    rattybad: Know how to prove to people you’re not smart?

    Mistaking an attitude derived from a quote as other people saying it to each other like some sort of secret code.


    How to fix economy:
    1. Hold gun backwards.
    2. Shoot gun into face.


    It’s because people thought he’d have a magic switch to throw to fix everything. People just need someone to blame.


    I just hope that there aren’t many actual voters represented in this thread.


    Obama is the only Logical choice we had. Follow the Logic.


    I for one welcome our new Chineese overlords.

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