Nine worlds of Asgard

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This is a diagram of the Nine Worlds of Asgard, showing the relationship of the various separate dimensional realms.
The diagram is not drawn to scale, nor do the positioning of the worlds above or below one another have any real significance since they are not in the same dimensional plane. The only evidence for placing Asgard at the top is that the world-tree Yggdrasil has its trunk and branches there, while its root system manifests itself on most of the other worlds. Yggdrasil, also not drawn to scale, is aligned with the Cosmic Axis with which the Earth’s axis also aligned.
Only a sample of the interdimensional passageways between worlds are shown here. The number of free-standing natural nexuses are unknown.
The world of Niffleheim is not considered a separate world in the Asgardian cosmology, but is thought to be an adjunct world to Hel

vikings had way too much time on their hands…
and psychodelic drugs.


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    And people make fun of my religion. This makes as much sense as a snake giving a half naked tart an apple and kicking them out of the Bahamas.

    All hail Odin!


    Best religion I’ve found so far:


    joodles: Yes, but do they eat psychotropic mushrooms and raid lands in longboats in berserker trances looking for goods and women?


    (I… sadly don’t know the language of my ancestors, just German).


    Ah, the Handbook of the Marvel Universe. I used to love those little charts.

    Nothing beat Punisher Armory, though.


    better to follow the Gods of Valhalla, at least they name and describe things

    the other religions just add quick and easy names like “god”, “heaven” and “hell” because its easier to talk BS when you keep it simple

    The Path to Asgard is the only one people should take


    I’d take a Pacific Islanders religion. Worship volcanoes, water and the earth itself. Whilst truly living in balance. If you fuck up Pala the goddess of the volcano will fuck your shit up.


    I like the Norse Gods because you know their followers were kick-ass manly men, out to plunder, discover, drink mead, eat lots of whatever-animal-we-find, and hear the lamentations of various women whose men had been driven before them. You don’t hear Odin telling everyone to be kind, don’t covet, keep thine hands from off that virgin’s white-hot bosom, and don’t use condoms if you can’t keep thine hands off that virgin’s white-hot bosom and whatever else she’s got. That’s a pretty awesome religions right there.


    Ah yes. one of the major roots of my ancestors, Them Damn dark hairy northmen. I think most of the dark and hair was from their fetish for wearing black goatskins(according to he family historians), But they lived in a time when the Men were Manly, the Women were Manly, the Goats (or was it the Geats?)were fast and the Irish were nervous.



    I came in here to point that out, but alas, I am beaten to the punch by another geek.


    Children need to learn the truth about Ginnunga Gap in science class!

    I for one welcome our awesome Viking overlords.


    HoChunk: Word.


    The Norse Gods, the Greek gods and the Egyptian Gods built empires, and you can pray to specific gods depending on the exact nature of what you need

    the Judaic religions like Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism, etc, are like the Government: pretty much faceless except for a symbol who the followers think is the one in charge, and you can pray all you like, the power you follow doesn’t deal with you directly – you just have to accept that what good things happen must somehow be the work of the power you follow

    Scientology: Worship aliens and hope to hell they care


    Notice how they accept the Earth is spherical, to disassociate themsleves from those Flat-Earther wackos.

    Good for them, Teach the controvercy I say!

    Snarky Parker

    Reminds me of a Cannibal Ox song ‘The Battle for Asgard’.


    Snarky Parker:
    Cannibal Ox are amazing. So I don’t know how to get a hold of you other than through a comment, so here: Have you listened to the new Themselves album which they released for free? It’s dope. It’s got all the good people: doseone, Aesop Rock, Odd, Why, Busdriver and Buck65.

    It could be that you never see this. Or that you have listened to it already.

    Alec Dalek



    AlecDalek: Yes. So?


    Jesus Christ Our Lord is Good!!
    God Bless the World!!

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