At Last – A Worthy Protest!

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    At Last: A worthy Repost!


    I see what you did there… and I had lulz


    LOL! Prohibition. What the bluefuck where they thinking?

    Luke Magnifico

    They were thinking, “Dudes. Dudes I just had a FANTASTIC IDEA. We’ve smoked a few bowls, right? And that’s all good, right? But what we need now. What we need is some beer. But. We have no money for buying the beer. Because. Because because because we spent it all on these rollerskates. SO. WE have to illegalise the beer. All the beer, in the country. Make all the beer drinking illegal. Then we can confiscate the beer. And then we’d get all, like, all the beer. Then we would have some beer!”

    Luke Magnifico

    And then, they had beer.


    And there was much rejoicing.


    @LukeV1-5: Thanks for clearing that up for me.


    Wow, imagine if this group collided with the WE WANT PIZZA guys, who are then joined by the WE WANT FOOTBALL ON TV marchers.


    @LukeV1-5: …And lo, the beer was theirs, and they drank of the beer and said “beer is good”, we shall have to procure more beer and lo, there was prohibition…


    Pfft… Beer is overrated.

    Now let the flaming begin.