Abraj al Bait, Mecca

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Id be interested to hear how most devout Muslims feel about this colossus being built right over Islam\’s holiest site.

And kudos to the MCS post that introduced me to it:

Impressive Burj…Worlds’ Tallest..

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    I’d be more interested to see how they’d feel if we flew two planes into it.


    @RedneckPanther: Now THAT’S a TARGET!


    Abraj Al Bait = Jail Bait Building?


    From a former Muslim, I don’t like it. Mecca, the city, is a holy site. To put a building of that magnitude is like putting a 7-11 on Golgatha.


    @RedneckPanther: your aim is way off.


    @hufnmouth: “From a former Muslim”

    May I ask why you converted?


    Its part of his secret plan…


    @nobody knows: Oh. Better not be a secret plan to take my bacon.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Now we just need to convince some of our nutbag extremist Christians to take time out of their busy abortion clinic bombing and gay rights protesting schedules to go hijack a couple of planes full of muslims and crash them into the tower. Maybe send another into that little boxy shrine next to it. After all, aren’t these the “eye for an eye” folks?


    @the3g_ipwn: You don’t convert to an atheist. 😀 Islam is about as fractured as Christianity and Judaism. After studying and gaining knowledge of the roots and history of the scriptures, I was appalled at how far it has been twisted. So much was left to interpretation and the interpretations were always in favor of those in power. These powerful have become believers in name only. They use the Quaran as a sword rather than a basis for peace. So I realized that religion – all religion- while an eloquent answer to life’s curiosities, is really a tool for the powerful.… Read more »


    Brilliant comment.
    The pictures are worthless without it.


    @hufnmouth: Oh. So, you’re not after my bacon, right?


    Actually… my first reaction was to laught my ass off.
    But that’s the most profound and the most tragic thing I’ve ever heard on this subject…


    @the3g_ipwn: ALL of your bacon.


    @hufnmouth: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!1 I knew it! I told you people it was all a conspiracy to get our bacon! Pretending they don’t eat it to get us to lower our guard! Oldest trick in the book and we fell for it! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!1


    @hufnmouth: “Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet.” – Napoleon Bonaparte


    The Great Mosque as a multi-story parking lot?The Kaaba turned into a cell phone kiosk?


    o f course there has to be a clock. time is our slavery

    withered spyryt

    : if only the rest of the world shared this thought …. religion is no more than a covert way of the govt. attempting to control the masses


    penis waving…


    @withered spyryt: *FacePalm* Mmmk, that makes sense, instead we will just control people under the idea that religion is false and that wthe government should be trusted. Only instead of god we wil say ” WELL SCIENCE SAYS THAT THIS IS WRONG!” I am guessing you will go on some rant about how science has the ability to replicate its’ experiments with replicable results, but i hate to inform you that majority of the population barely has access to a scanning electron microscope or a supercollider. Let alone a full blown genetic research lab or even a fucking stereoscope. Anyways… Read more »

    General X

    As a Muslim I say that it depends on the purpose of the building. If it is a hotel or something than O.K. Hajj is becoming more and more crowded yearly, thank God, and it is a good thing to think in advance and expand the capacity of the Holy Cities to accept all the pilgrims. To hufnmouth: The Kur’an has not changed since the time of Muhammed A.S. the interpretation has, true, as all interpretation will. To quit religion because you do not like how someone is interpreting the base of your faith is like saying you do not… Read more »




    Teh Muslim FBI iz monitoring diz threadz

    Alec Dalek

    Wow, that’s a lot of penis they’re adding to mecca. Maybe NOW their god will have sex with them.


    @hufnmouth: You’re preaching to the choir, brother.

    @General X: Right path? So everybody else is wrong? Sheesh. Grow up.

    Oh, and regardless of the sanctity of the location, the building is horrible. Then again, the Saudis were never known for their good taste or common sense.


    See, this is why Islam is so fucked up. Even General X, who claims he is a liberal and progressive Muslim, says only Islam is the right path. That doesn’t sound very liberal or progressive to me.


    ISLAM is the right path.

    It doesn’t matter what all of you think or say about it.


    Ah you people are all so brilliant.

    If General X didn’t believe Islam was the right path, would he be a Muslim? Well fucking duh.

    Next time, try a little harder and attack him for something that actually makes sense.

    General X

    Freedom of religion necessarily means the freedom to think your religion is right.


    Not really General, freedom of religion means you think your religion is right for you, not necessary right for everyone. I for one, who has lived in Islamic countries and have studied the Koran, believe Islam is a repressive belief system and I have a hard time respecting a religion that dictates under the penalty of death for a follower to leave that religion. Sorry, Islam is more a cult than a religion of peace.