The Son who fell to Earth

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The Son Who Fell To Earth

When you believe it, you will shit bolides.

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    I don’t see shit Cap’n.


    Boy, I know that some people take ambiguous images and they see what they want to see, but this is fucking ridiculous. I could kind of see the Jesus Tortilla, even the Jesus Grilled Cheese, but this is just off-the-wall-straight-into-left-field retardedness.


    An angel took a crap.
    It changed the man’s life. He’s at peace now.


    It’s a schooner.


    @bejamus: You dumb bastard. It’s not a schooner, it’s a sailboat.

    I’ll say the same thing here I’ve said everywhere else someone claims to see something in something:
    The human mind is MEANT to look at everything and make connections, even distort it so it looks like something we’re used to. The video “Charlie Claplin Optic Illusion” will give you a good idea to what extent your eyes will fuck you when it comes to the subject of reality.


    What you are refering to is what is called matrixing and I agree with you.
    It is amazing how ready people are to believe in this kind of shit.


    Actually it’s called pareidolia. Visual pareidolia in this case.


    @TrayShadix: @flood123: i’d say he’s just a complete moron.


    HOW CAN NONE OF YOU SEE THAT?! The meteorite is right there in plain view! Are you all retarded? Wait…he saw Jesus? Fucking moron.


    @TrayShadix: As good as that illusion is, it has nothing to do with this. That illusion is caused by us seeing a 2D image, and our brain tries to change it to 3D. Since we have no depth perception (because it’s a 2D image), your brain thinks the mask is facing outwards like a face, because that is the more likely option. After all, how many times have you seen someone with an inside-out face?

    And, much better version of the illusion:


    Whoa. Major fail. This is perhaps the only case of pareidolia, where you can’t make out the shape, even when you try after they tell you what you’re supposed to look for.

    Pareidolia? ANeidolia mere likely.

    Unless that guy’s fucking with us, the media and the entire internet, in which case, Epic WIN.


    @TrayShadix: To say that the human mind is “meant to look at everything and make connections” implies that there is an intelligence behind the creation of the mind. From there it’s a very short hop to “his mind was meant to see the rock and make a connection to jesus”. Instead, can we say that the mind seeks patterns and makes connections as a natural survival instinct, looking for predators that have adapted to use natural camouflage?


    @Ben1605: That example isn’t meant to explain what this guy’s problem is, it’s just another instance of how recognition and subjective perception can distort the reality of something.

    @wookie_x: Absolutely. I wasn’t being very specific. Mostly, I was just typing out my thoughts while reflecting that when I see pirate ships and bunny rabbits in clouds, it’s psychological, but when someone sees Jesus in a pumpkin it means something.


    well boy shucks I dun found me a rock

    Luke Magnifico

    For a while I was like “Where did he fall from to get a melted face like that? Also, UUUUGGGHRRRAAAAAAUUUUGH”

    But then I read the article, and it was just a rock.

    My bad.


    @wookie_x: wth u talkin’ bout mang?