Roots in Hell

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    This poster is in my Sociology textbook


    Maybe after I smoke a few bowls of marihwhana I can have some pie with some coo’ hwhip.


    What I find funny is that this poster would be considered an advertisement for some really sweet weed nowadays.


    Not having ever used the stuff myself, i can’t help but ask:

    don’t you usually smoke marijuana?

    I think this poster is actually about heroin.


    “What happens are marihuana parties?” is my favorite tag on the poster.

    “Well, we sit around and listen to music while conversing with one another. We perceive that our jokes are funnier, insights are deeper, and ideas are better than they actually are – and then we forget them before we realize how stupid we sound. Then comes the Velveeta with the M&Ms in it an- oh, did you know you can make a brownie in a coffee mug? Yeah, in the mic–… … what was I talking about again?”


    i’ve been smoking the marahoochie since 1987 and despite much effort and wishing, i’ve never experienced the awesomeness of a weird orgy


    TrayShadix: It says at, not are. I had to go to 186% to see it. I’ve been to a party like that a few times.

    nevered: The people who made this poster make no distinction between most drugs.

    natedog: Me either and I don’t understand why.


    LOL wow… Love this poster… Looks more like an advertisement for weed than a cautionary public service announcement…


    Sticky: What?

    Snarky Parker


    Watch Family Guy Season 5 Episode 8 to get the joke…


    Snarky Parker: Ah, the one w/ all the H pronunciation?

    Snarky Parker



    Alec Dalek

    I didn’t know you could inject it then go to orgies involving women in house coats. I’ve been missing out!


    WEIRD ORGIES, WILD PARTIES, UNLEASHED PASSION.. man, must have been awesome back then.


    Now if “marihuana” actually caused all these things to happen, how the hell did I miss it?


    Nice hypodermic needle on the side of a marijuana poster. And this makes sence because ? If Pot meant weird orgies, wild parties, and uleashed passion I must be smoking the wrong stuff.


    flood123: LOL i know… it’s a hypodermic of MISERY… Yeah right… How many people are actually miserable when they’re high…?


    Snarky Parker: yeah I was hoping someone would continue on with the dialogue… I was just saying what Brian said =(

    Snarky Parker


    Oops, I apologize if I sounded condescending…really 🙂

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