Scientist makes clone of himself

Robot_450x312.jpg (44 KB)

Robot maker Zou Renti (he\’s the one on the left) unveils his latest work – a replica of himself. Mr Zou, from Xi\’an in western China, has made more than 400 lifelike robots.

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    just don’t replicate nerd and goth chick below please


    Gnarly. Now he can go fuck himself.


    @HoChunk: my god i was laughing for 2 minutes lol haha…

    Luke Magnifico

    I honestly can`t tell the difference.


    Noonien Soong’s great great great great great grandfather.


    Now he can read his classics while the robot fucks the old lady so she can fuck up.

    I see no downside.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Me either. All look same.

    I wonder if he gave his robot a little dick too?


    He made the robot younger looking. Ah, vanity, thy name is Zou Renti.


    They look and feel Human.
    Some are programmed to think they are Human.


    Look like his robot is just called “Photo Shop”


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~IF THIS IS REAL I VOTE TO MAKE COPIES OF ANGELINA JOLIE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    @marcs: China and Japan don’t need photo shop


    The robot is the one with down syndrome right?


    @HoChunk: LOL omg , i laughed so much


    If it hasn’t been said enough, that was funny.

    I for one welcome our new robot overlords

    Agreed, and several others to boot.


    SO LMD’s are no longer confined to marvel comics?


    It looks like he needs to channel his creativeness in a more productive direction.


    What, are the Chinese getting tired of shitting out billions of kids, they’re going to take a break and just make robots now?



    I’m Pretty sure Hiroshi Ishiguro already did this a while back…


    @rattybad: They usually go for males, since the Chinese government has an active birth control program. So now you have a country full of dicks.


    @RSIxidor: Am gonna run windows 7 64x 8gb ram ati 2875 X2, SSD 500GB, 4,3 Quad 2 Octo-mom.

    wut you gonna run yours on?


    Interesting choice… Personally, I would go for a Salma Hayek running a Quad processor Intel M/B with 4 Xeon quad core L7345 Procs, 32GB of Corsair DDR3-2000, and a set of Nvidia Quadro FX vidcards in Quad SLI configuration, 4Tb of high speed SSD HD storage, running Windows7. Heck maybe even a beefed up rewrite of W2K. Who knows.

    But that way she can actually invent new sammiches to make me…


    @Phyreblade: dude your quadro costing already 10k. but i know that config. well you enjoy that. while i come with the new 128x (no joke) OS. make your rich pc. look like a beatdown mac.


    Although the robot looks phenomenal. Dont be fooled. That thing does shit all. In motion it doesnt look human. Just when its still. You know, like a wax work? Equally as impressive, in fact, more so.


    It only turns its head (very clunky way), blinks occasionally and opens/closes its mouth.

    The female robot did a lot more (in terms of moving fingers, hands, arms, waist and vague facial gestures).


    @ColombianMonkey: Hey, I’m bulding Salma Hayek here… If you can build Salma Hayej for anything less than 50k, I’d like to see you do it. 😛

    Yeah, the female ones were much more impressive. Actually the technology for a wide variety of differn’t robotic abilities are being researched separately by lots of other scientists and colleges… I’m just waiting for them to all reach prime time so I can put them all together and have a robot that makes me the perfect sammich every time. 🙂