Columbo Mosaic

columbo.jpg (58 KB)

By John Ellsberry –

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    Just one more thing… no wait I forgot.


    The Princess Bride is TCM right now as I type this.


    lol oh man looking at this picture reminds me of the dubbed version made by this French guy. He made some crazy videos with footage from this show.


    @Disreg: LOL… Man, I loved watching Columbo…


    Alzhiemers is a bitch.


    @mikoyangurevich15: Alz..what? 😛


    Never a big fan of Columbo.


    @nyokki: No? Why not? I liked that he was unique… All the other detective/Crime/sleuth series always had characters whose shirts always seemed too heavily starched for my tastes. You could get cut on the creases they ironed into their trousers. They all took themselves way too seriously. Columbo, on the other hand, he looked like he slept in his clothes, and would forget to bring his head to work if his wife didn’t pack it in his lunch. But he always picked up on that little detail that would break the case. Now that I think about it, I think… Read more »


    @Phyreblade: I think it’s because it wasn’t really a whodunit. You see the crime take place; you know who did it. The rest of the show was about how Columbo figured it out. I was much more of an Ellery Queen fan.


    @nyokki: Ah, i see… Well i guess your right. It wasn’t a whodunit for us… But I still always thought it was fun to watch him crack an otherwise perfect crime, in his scatterbrained manner, using relatively insignificant clues…