It blow’d up good–It blow’d up real good

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I got this as a forward in an email. I have no idea if it\’s true.

You may or may not know about the law requiring you call for utility locating before you do any excavation.
The pictures below are a result of a guy using a post hole digger without calling for “UTILITY LINE LOCATING” and he hit an underground, high-pressure cross country gas pipe.

They never did find the guy…. Took out 2 homes.


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    Whenever I go to Edmonton i see signs by out by the airport area like “call before you dig” and here in bc sometimes too


    It’s because this happens. At least Darwin killed the idiot who did this. We are protected from his genes. Praise Darwin.


    Praise Darwin!


    He probably managed to reproduce before he did this…unfortunately.


    i wonder if he is ok…..


    It’s a myth, and nobody died.

    This happened just outside the town of Appomattox, the pipe corroded and blew up due to the [William’s Gas] company’s negligence in maintaining and checking it.

    Of course, nobody’s going to print that and be sued, so what they print is that it “corroded” and nobody was to blame.

    The myth grew up instantly, and gas/oil companies are masters at spreading lies, I would bet my house that they put the post hole story out there as a matter of policy before the official investigation was even started.

    Notice how they kept the press from recording the meeting. This is media control people, it’s not just for conspiricy theorists.


    Welcome to the Club !
    Here’s your Hat…notice the new titanium alloy feather ? Yeah, we’ve gone mainstream !


    Why thank you, that’s very kind.


    Quite Welcomed…
    Oh yeah, don’t mind that green body on the floor, we’re still waiting on that removal team from new jersey to come pick it up….


    Snopes debunked this story a while ago. Typical real pictures + fake story. meh.


    A man with a post hole digger could NOT do this. The pipes are way too deep to be bothered by a post hole digger to the extent for this to happen…..a back hoe, sure but not a post hole digger.


    you call that a knife? *pulls out hole digger*


    VanZant: oh and lol you said “hoe”


    I actually do tech support for an underground line notification company and you would be amazed what happens sometimes – There is a trade mag we get called “Underground Focus” that list the accident reports – I think web site is for magazine is


    Wow… that must have been one heck of a big bewm!!


    Had a gas line blow like that down in southern New Mexico somewhere north of El Paso. Couple of families were having a campout on the riverbank. Gas company first tried to blame them, later was shown that the pipe was badly corroded when it blew.


    Actually saw something like this near my home.
    guy was digging with a back hoe hit the gas line you could see the flames from miles away


    it’s true that there’s a law that says call before you dig, but even that won’t help you all the time. i was working as a flagger for a construction crew that was replacing an intersection in downtown sedro wooley a few years ago when the guy running the backhoe dug up a pressurised gas line that the “locate” people didn’t know about. it didn’t blow up, thankfully, but they had to evacuate about a quarter of the town until they got it under control.


    I was working in Ketchum ID. The gas company had just finished putting in a main gasline to the complex we were building. The power company came in to put in underground power lines. They had the locator people out there finding the new lines. the gas line was 6 feet from where they marked it at and the backhoe went right through it. they had to shut the gas off to the entire city, and we had to shut down our equipment and put out all open flames. It was kinda scary being that close to it waiting for a spark

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