HQ Imaging Blackmail

hqimagingblackmail.jpg (166 KB)

HQ Imaging retouched the heads of New Zealand`s leading creative directors on to bodies in compromising photographs. The photographs were then sent to the creative directors in question, with a simple threatening note…”you`d be wise to retouch with us.”
RESULT: A 50% increase in business.

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    That’s an awesome advertising idea…

    until you run into the one douchebag with no sense of humor and a good lawyer. :/


    Gad damiit Iam calling my lawyer


    >>Runs to get that headshot of dieAntagonista…<<

    Wow !!!!


    I’d like to see the news clip on this. I don’t know about New Zealand, but here in the states, that would get the company heads in orange jumpsuits faster than you can say, “don’t provide paper evidence of your crimes and send them to your victims.”

    dub dub

    god i love my country!


    LOL Clever… very clever indeed…