That\’s where the money goes

portfolio_04a.jpg (51 KB) – From his “night” series

This guy is an amazing photographer.

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    Snarky Parker

    And so began the war between the strippers and the televangelists…


    she isn’t that good. i see no $100 bills.


    You know… ive never been to a strip club… I feel like every man should be to a strip club at least once.


    I’ve been to a strip club. Unfortunately it was a dirty nasty one. Not a high class one.


    The only time I went to a strip club was when my g/f took me. And yes, they were female strippers, not men. And also yes, my g/f is fucking awesome.


    @outofocus: why torture something in front of my face if i cannot have fun on it. that why i stay away from strip clubs. One thing with me, if i cannot have it at that moment and you’re(general) showing me, just don’t. in example webcam shows etc.


    that looks like a dude’s ass


    Heard of this guy through watchmen. He was the stills photographer for the movie.

    He owns his own organic coffee company and most of the profits go the charity.

    He also released a book of watchmen portraits for no profit.


    @outofocus: I really dont think I would enjoy it. I have a feeling ill have some situation like you. For me its not pictures, I bet id try to start speaking philosophy with someone with such a different path of life from I.

    However, Strip Club falls in the part of my mind of things you should at least do once, such as drinking when youre 21, stopping at a casino when youre old enough, etc etc. I dont know… im quite weird.


    Make sure you thank your dancers, fellas! And remember, nothing says thank you like dollars in the g-string!


    Who tips a $10?


    I’ve been to a few strip clubs. 1st time to make a phone call. I broke down and the “Black Garter” was the only place w/ a pay phone (waaaaaay before cell phones). That place was a dump and the girls were nasty. When our friend was deploying to Iraq, we all took him to a nice(r) strip club. The women were drop dead gorgeous and really enticing. My first ever lap dance. We’ve repeated that 2 times when he redeployed then re-redeployed at all different clubs, some pretty nice, some not so much. I think that’s it. Hubby’s been… Read more »


    This guy has a pretty badass portrait book of “The Watchmen” film characters. Check it out

    Great photography.


    Yeah I wasn’t too stoked on that strip club. I wasn’t really turned on. Was gross I didn’t want a lap dance too. In a nicer joint I probably would get one. Still it’s just awkward. I cant get into the fantasy sex state of mind at a strip club. Definitely would be sexy if a gf did it though.


    No, that is not where the money goes. It goes into my wallet. And then into a huge safe I have hidden in an under ground bunker in the depths of my cave… It’s much safer that way…