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oh man this was such a great film, it really furthered the series along and wasnt ridicilious in any way at all.


It was also a wonderful prequel in terms of realism to the next in the series.

Snarky Parker

I’ll get off at this stop from the bus of satire; only thing of worth about this movie is “Kiss from a Rose” by Seal.


@Snarky Parker: This!

Insanely Rational

I never really understood why Batman and Robin gets all the hatred when Batman Forever is at least as unbearable, if not worse.

Then again, Batman Forever does have one genuinely hilarious moment (“Wholly rusted metal, Batman”).


@Insanely Rational: Batman and Robin was the one with the bat-nipples.


i liked this one (cause jim carey was in it) when i saw this movie. then again i was 7 and could quote ace ventura. i dislike this movie but i HATE batman and robin with a passion. sucked so bad.
the only thing they really didnt fuck up in this movie was the bat signal. and then they had to bone that one up with the robin signal.


Ill tell you why batman and robin was worse.
1) yes, batman and robin had the batnipples.
2) Jim Carrey was AMAZING!!! if he was cast as the Joker. The Riddler is a monotone man that does not deal in emotion but highly complicated riddles.

Now, id say that heath ledger comes along and makes Jim Carreys Joker look aweful. However, if they had just cast Jim Carrey as the Joker, that movie would have been much less confusing and much more buyable.


@camusapprentice: ledger played a great part but jim would have mastered it. have you ever seen jim carrey serious? my god so much talent. watch the movie 23.


@MonkeyHitman: need to see the number 23, ive always wanted to. i fucking love the truman show. and i never got around to the majestic. all i know is that jim would be a perfect spot on joker. not a ledger joker. just a perfect (no other word for it) joker.


23 was a cinetmatic abortion, watching Carrey babble gibberish about the sinister nature of 23 in scene after scene isn’t any more fun or enlightening than listening to street-corner lunatics discourse on similar topics. At least street crazies don’t expect people to pay for the privilege.


well i know not everyone found 23 great but i did, but i respect your opinion 😉


lol, sorry about the excessive critism but that filmed really pissed me


I liked 23 but Ledger was the ultimate Joker. There is really no point in comparing the two. Though there is one person I would be very interested in seeing play the Joker, and that is David Bowie. I think he’s the only man who could do a better Joker than Ledger.


“harmless” Opinion: i’d have to go against that.i think since ledger joker is the only one who played in the latest movie and in doing so making an opinion on what both actors previously has done isn’t enough “proof” to see who is the better joker, jim would have to play the dark knight role or david to see who would play it best.
@dhg4983: don’t worry man is okay.


How about you stop apologising for your ‘harmless’ opinion. It’s like saying, look I just want to disagree with you, don’t get mad. What does that even mean. You don’t have to see someone play the Joker to know if they would make a good Joker or not. That’s the whole point of this discussion. Ledger has been in plenty of movies, as well as Jim. I base my opinion on all movies they have been in. Ledger was a rising star and full of potential, but with Jim, we know already what he is capable of. I highly doubt… Read more »



look I just want to disagree with you, don’t get mad.

yeah it’s pretty much what i wanted to say, because from my point of view the way you express your words in connection the way you express yourself in words confuses me.


@MonkeyHitman: “look I just want to disagree with you, don’t get mad.” – is what your comment sounded like. Not mine. “because from my point of view the way you express your words in connection the way you express yourself in words confuses me” I really don’t know what to say. It’s pretty ironic that you should type a sentence like that while accusing me of not being understandable. Or you could just ask me what I meant, before you disagree with me. But this is nonsense, I’m sure you know exactly what I meant. You seem to resort to… Read more »


@dieAntagonista: i can assure you honestly i’m trying to express what i feel and think. i have no problem what is being said. if i don’t understand how you express your words and nobody has the problem then you are not the problem then it’s me.but one thing is that i don’t use excuses if i have nothing to say. i am not afraid to be wrong with something. after all it’s the first step in being better. could you check your gmail for the email i sent you? would like to clear a simple accusation.


Uh it’s not about anyone being right or wrong. These are just opinions. I think Ledger was the ultimate Joker. You think Jim would make a better Joker.

Jesus. I don’t like where this is going.


very well i have nothing more to say:)


Fuck You


I think Batman Forever was the suckiest batman movie in the entire history of batman movies. At least so far as the older ones are concerned.

Batman Begins/Dark Knight are completely different Batman flicks from the earlier ones, so it’s hard to compare these on an equal footing, but apart from some specific details I consider them more honest, “true to the Bats” flicks than the old guard could ever be…


@Phyreblade: would you honestly say the same thing when you just finished watching Batman Forever? and never knew o f the newer films


@MonkeyHitman: Sadly yes. I think so. Batman forever was overflowing with star power, but seemed a heck of a lot like a glitzy, over the top “B” movie… Like they couldn’t afford a real director, set/prop designer, ect… I dunno. Of all the Batman movies, It just seemed waay to cheesy for me…