Angelina Jolie with Cigarette

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    Snarky Parker

    And…I’m…liking it.


    she looks druged up like from the movie “Girl, Interrupted” i really enjoyed that movie allot.She plays as a sick psycho semi-sadist crazy bitch who soon meets her fate.


    sorry guys, this is the first time i’ve looked at angelina, and thought “ick.”


    @natedog: i don’t blame you, are we not human right?


    @MonkeyHitman: So.. are you human or not, because that sentence is confusing as all hell.

    Also, smoking is cool, bankable fact.


    She’s mine so everyone back the fuck off. No really, she got the word “Maya” tattooed on her inner right thigh.

    Also, non cropped version:


    I am very disappointed in you.


    @dieAntagonista: sorry, but cigarettes are a boner killer for me.



    everyone chill the fuck out, i got this
    also, mine
    also, yes…smoking IS cool, pussies

    Snarky Parker

    And…I’m…STILL liking it.


    Smoking is usually a turn off for me, too, but this picture overrides it. Angelina usually does.


    @natedog: I agree natedog. In fact I refuse to date (or kiss) women that smoke. I like my women to not taste terrible and not die of lung cancer thank you very much.


    Smoking is a big turn off, especially cigarettes. but I’m not talking about the issue that angelina is hot or not (future notice for some people *eyeroll*).

    @Skulltimo: well It’s just figuratively speaking, you know some people(general) don’t have the (complete) knowledge on human “international” etiquette.
    I say international because In doing so you don’t have to think about multiculturalism society & difference.


    If the title hadn’t had her name in it, I would never have recognized her.


    , no you don’t, doh


    @pepsiMIN: if you were referring to etiquette on me, you are right. still learning 🙂 that why every comment i make has a second purpose, to see reactions of people. not easy/clean job, but yea.


    Her lip collagen is out of control… god forbid she ever climb Mt. Everest, they’d hear the “pop” all the way in Kathmandu.


    How old is this picture, or has it been shopped that much? She’s got *NONE* of her tattoos…..


    Everyone relax, as far as I know she doesn’t even smoke. It’s just for the picture. How ridiculous can you people be.


    Ahahaha took me a while to see it. Awesome.


    Dude, shut the fuck up. You’re insulting a whole lot of people there. Like me, who has full lips, and just about the majority of black people.

    I think it’s amazing how people think it’s ok to make fun of her lips and to say that she’s gross because of it and whatnot. Just take a look at Jay Z or Mary Blige.

    Fucking inconsiderate assholes.



    Also, fick means fuck in German. Niiice. Why did you never tell me about this?


    Angelina has never had to have lip enhancement. She’s got big, delicious, pouty lips that I want to chew on all natural, thank you. And if she smokes or not, who cares? I say she’s smokin’ whether she’s got a cancer stick in her mouth or not.


    I know right. I don’t understand why people are still debating this. I think the pictures of her daughter Shiloh are proof enough. As well the photos and videos of her as a toddler.

    Yeah it’s silly. It’s like, if you thought pumpkin soup was gross, and you saw a beautiful woman with pumpkin soup in the picture – wouldn’t it be ridiculous to not like how she looks because of the soup in the picture.

    Ok this was a really laughable example but you get the point.

    Also, nice puns. I like puns.


    Pumpkin soup is very serious, never laughable.

    Thank you, thank you very much.


    @dieAntagonista: I want to Nom your lips.


    I dunno. I just phonetically spelled out “fixed.” On the plus side, I learned something today.


    If you aren’t familiar with meth use then this might look gross to you…otherwise she’s a pro in the sheets.


    it looks like she just got fucked by an entire football team…


    I do love her lips. My sis has lips like that (from our dad). Mine aren’t quite that luscious.


    Angelina has the weird ability to look good even when she’s being grody…

    @dieAntagonista: Hey
    Why come you get to keep the cool hot ones? That’s not fair yo!

    @nyokki: Indeed, those lips are quite nommable. Nommable lips are good. 🙂


    @Phyreblade: Grody! You said grody! Haven’t heard that term in a looong time. But, I agree. Angelina takes heroine chic to a whole new level of DAMN!


    @dieAntagonista: Do you have any fucking idea what collagen is? I’m so goddamned tired of your holier-than-thou attitude when you don’t seem to know jack shit. Mary Blige and Jay Z have naturally full lips and they look fine on them. I wasn’t disrespecting anyone but Angelina Jolie, and if you think otherwise, you’re a hell of a lot stupider than you make yourself out to be.



    Yes I do. And like Annarchy pointed out, her lips are real. Even if they weren’t there are a lot of people who have lips like her.


    Hey I’m not the one here who makes fun of all women and calls them bitches. I’d have to see you criticise a guy first, to know how deep you have your head up your ass.

    So you seriously assumed I don’t know what collagen is? I think if anyone here is stupid, it’s you.


    @deuce: you need to check the way you perceive situations before you start making judgements based on emotions. lol