Spider-Sense Tingling Yet

Spider-Sense Tingling Yet

Hate to break it to ya kid, but Peter Park and You are no longer an item.  Yeah, thank you Mephisto, and thank you to whatever writer and editor came up with that bong inspired storyline.

I hate you all.

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    So that explains what is wrong with the world. I though Mary Jane wore thongs. At least she has a great set of knockers.

    Peter Parker is always screwing up. What a loser ass superhero.

    Insanely Rational

    My favorite (indirect) take on the subject:


    (That superstupor comic was posted here already, wasn’t it?)


    I stopped reading Marvel way before they started fucking things up in the early 90s. That way, Cyclops never married Jean Grey, Emma Frost is still the White Queen, Wolverine doesn’t know his origins, the Hulk is a gray-green amalgam, Tony Stark is just a drunk, and Peter & MJ are a happy happy couple.

    Fuck that douchebag Quesada. If you’re going to approve a Peter/MJ split, don’t let some hack snap his fingers and say “Mephisto did it!” Write a goddamn story, for fuck sake.

    John q.

    @ Rattybad

    You’ve got that a bit backwards, Quesada was the one who ordered the split to happen, the writer (J.M. Straczynski) didn’t want it to happen, and was especially pissed off about the “Mephisto did it!” thing. So much so, that he asked to have his name taken off the book.


    Kirsten Dunst looks like shit so either way if she wears thongs or not. Spiderman has respect for his shlong 😉


    Mary Jane is teh win. And I don’t think Kirsten looks that bad. Why all the hostility…?

    Really when someone doesn’t know then its up to other viewers that they will assist, so here it occurs.


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