Religious Desktops

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    Inb4 atheist vs jews,muslims,and christians Shitstorm.


    God can suck my plums.


    the bible has the shittiest grammar structure, and yet i see no nazi in there. Ohh wait, i remember now they’re special so they can have it anyway they want and anyone against them will go to hell.


    Nazi? You called for me?
    Uh, are you criticising the grammar in the bible? Really? Come on now. Not to be mean, but that’s a little too much.

    Also, the grammar in the original scriptures is just fine. Actually more than that, it’s close to perfection.

    And while King James & co fucked up the meaning of almost everything in it, I’m pretty sure they didn’t fuck with the… grammar? Wait what are you talking about.


    Revelations in the original greek?


    @dieAntagonista: nah i didn’t call for you.


    @Immanuel: I was being sarcastic.

    So what, you’re not going to reply to me?

    Nex time think twice when you make comments like that, if you can’t handle a simple reply.


    @Immanuel: Wtf? are you seriously criticizing the bible because its’ “grammar” is bad? Are you fucking kidding me? Every english, german,chinese,and other version is directly translated from hebrew and ancient greek. There are hundreds if
    not thousands of translations. Goddamn if you are going to take a pot shot


    LOL thanks, i needed to feed my hunger.


    Forced Meme is forced.


    I’m the richest woman in my kingdom and I invent my own truth.


    @dieAntagonista: If you keep telling yourself that it may come true 😉


    @Immanuel: What. That’s the worst thing anyone could have responded with. There are over 6 million individual realities on this planet. As for my own reality, anything can be true if I want it to be true. I don’t have to tell myself anything to make it true. Truth is situational, and one moment is enough for me to believe whatever I want to believe. Now to you, obviously it’s not true. But that’s because your reality is separate from mine. And if you’re going to call me a troll now or something because you can’t think of anything else,… Read more »


    And by 6 million I mean 6 billion.


    really? doesn’t seems so lol.

    Now to you, obviously it’s not true. But that’s because your reality is separate from mine.

    this quote contradicts what you stated roughly about reality which is true. But nevertheless i await your arrival.


    How does it contradict my statement about reality? Which part.

    And arrival? Oh so you think if we met up, our realities would combine. I doubt that.


    on what is not true and what is. anyhow puu misses you, come chat!


    @thelotuseater725: Indeed. Puppies do not troll.