loss of virginity

loss of virginity

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    lolz. so true, i am also partly responsible for her loss of virginity.

    Mathias I 777

    That stuff will get your loins burning in a hurry


    That unforgettable VD burn.


    Yuck, boney white trash.


    Better than fat.


    Yep, sure looks like a virgin


    From the picture, I’d say it’s more like, “You’re daughter’s loss of virginity… for the forty second time, was brought to you by Jack Daniels.”


    dude, the ONE time a motivational poster manages to get the your/you’re thing correct, you go and fuck it all up.


    @elzarcothepale: welcome to the internet!


    @Immanuel: thanks,
    but I’m actually a native.
    And I’m not, for the most part, a grammar nazi.
    Do whatever the fuck you feel like with your prepositions and participles- as long as i can understand what you’re saying, it’s all gravy. Hell, I even love making up words, if the situation inspires me to do so.
    But the your/you’re/ur(rage!) issue has gotten so bad in this country that teachers are having to reteach the concept of contractions to high schoolers. Their/They’re/There is equally unacceptable.

    TL;DR: I’m FROM the internet- that shit still makes me rage hard.


    “Oh but it’s just the Internet”

    Oh but it’s just the motherfucking English language.

    If someone can’t spell on the Internet, what makes you think he can do so when writing a paper.

    Alright, flame away. I won’t come back here anyway.


    Hey that rhymed.


    @elzarcothepale: It is a magpie language. Stolen from around the globe.Damn thing does not follow it’s own rules. I before E except after C. ghoti =fish. Feh. What can you expect when you blend germanic and latin based languages together?
    p.s. good to see you again,elzarco. Where have you been hiding?


    i hate hypocrites on grammar nazing-ing


    @elzarcothepale: yea it’s nice again to see you

    Luke Magnifico

    You know what?

    It’s a really fucking simple system.

    Your for possessive
    You’re for contraction of You Are

    Add an I for possessive
    Add an apostrophe for contraction of They Are
    Add nothing for locative.

    You don’t even have to learn it. There’s not enough to it to learn. Do you know the difference between up and down? Left and right? Hand and foot? Feather and rock?

    It’s equally simple.

    Fuck’s sake.


    @LukeV1-5: Excuse me sir, did you drop this?-For- ¶


    Oh, yes about the pic:
    “Oh kiss me, I’m shitfaced,
    I’m soaked I’m soiled with Rum.
    In the trousers she kissed me,
    and I only bought her one round.”

    Luke Magnifico

    @SumoSnipe: No. I left it out intentionally. It’s colloquial, to leave out the For.

    Generally, putting the For in is understood to be more emphatic.


    Someone buys the last Boston cream donut.

    “Fuck’s sake…”

    Someone, consistently, for weeks, buys the last Boston cream donut, leaving a snarky note and leaving the donut in question torn into pieces just outside the shop. They are messing with you. They are mocking you. They are laughing at you.

    “For fuck’s sake!”

    You catch my drift.



    If it’s that simple, then can this current generational of 9th-12th graders not tell their feet apart from their hands? This could explain alot…

    I’m almost ashamed to explain that I’m in school for my MIT. I’m going to shoot myself over all the grammar errors that an 8 year old should have conquered. T_T


    @LukeV1-5: Ah. Now I understand.



    1. That’s raven riley (softcore porn star)

    2. If she’s drinking JD straight from the bottle, she’s lost her virginity long ago…

    3. “Virgins, I love em”


    1. that is not raven riley.
    2. many high schoolers manage to become depraved alcoholics long before they lose the only thing keeping them out of hell.
    3. That is a very generic reference that I’m not following.


    @elzarcothepale: I’m pretty sure it is.

    3. Beginning of kids. www.imdb.com/title/tt0113540/


    @Nannerpuss: I’m not sure that really clarified the reference much…


    @Phyreblade: You have to see the movie to get it I guess. Also in a song titled super mario rap