Glaciar in Patagonia, Argentina 1928 & 2004

Patagonia Glacier 1928 to 2004.jpg (64 KB)

To quote Jar Jar Binks:
“Weesa all gonna die!”

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    According to geological historians, the Earth has actually cooled over the last 5000 years. That’s right. The next iceage is with in 30,000 years. So take all those giant wind mills and put them in front of Al Gore. I’m sure he has enough hot air to power the world.


    I can’t take this seriously because to me the bottom picture looks like some kind of dinosaur smiling.


    Global warming…an overly emphasized event used by government to distract the masses.


    @the3g_ipwn: Actually we are still in an ice age.
    @DeFlandres: Oh god i see it too.


    @TrayShadix: I hope you are supporting my statement with that post.


    “Treat the earth well.
    It was not given to you by your parents,
    it was loaned to you by your children.
    We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors,
    we borrow it from our Children.”
    – Ancient Native American Proverb


    @the3g_ipwn: but the last ice age we wasn’t polluting as much as we are now so were just speeding up the process. but i see you don’t care cause by the time you will be dead so yea.


    @MonkeyHitman: No, I agree that we pollute too much. I also think that it has become big buisness. Like how Nanci Pelossi flew coast to coast 50 times in a G-V the last time congress was in secession.

    You also have to understand that CO2 is plant food. It’s not all bad to be putting carbon dioxide in the air.

    I think we, as consumers, can controll more pollution than government policies. If you don’t want to pollute, don’t buy plastic plates and spoons and cups for your next party. Drive a Yaris.


    “The findings of the world’s scientists can be dismissed immediately by non-scientists, merely upon the discovery that Al Gore is fat.”

    – Elvis Presley, 1935-1988


    Distract from what?


    @the3g_ipwn: i know for a fact everything that’s not in moderations is not good. as long pollution is in moderation then it’s good.


    @MonkeyHitman: And you trust todays scientists as “known experts?”


    “Nobody knows less about science than scientists. If you want the truth about science, ask someone on an anonymous web forum. Seriously, I’m a fucking idiot who doesn’t know shit.”

    – Stephen Hawking, 1942 c.e. – 99XXx_a¥¤ v.c. (Vulcan calendar)

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Am I the only one who sees that the second picture looks like a huge fucking improvement?

    Oh no! There will be more water and more habitable land for the exploding population to migrate to! Fucking hell no!



    Exactly! Those species of animal dependent on certain temperature ranges and climate stability could use a tan once in a while.

    I’ll even bet when there’s beach front property in Denver, you’ll hear a lot of whining, too. Oh boo hoo, you went from shoveling out feet of snow every winter to having the best property in a seller’s market! The horror, the horror!


    @HoChunk: North American Union, the Amero, the secret concentration camps across America for US citizens that would stand against the New World Order, the declining health care systems, the legality of natural health products hanging in the balance so as to have us solely dependent on artificial health products, the upcoming Web 2.0 which will force you to choose packages that include certain access to sites of your choice (Top 10 sites package, Top 20 sites package,etc.) to squeeze the extra dollar out of you, all in the name of “better internet security for you and your family” Governments will… Read more »

    Insanely Rational

    Ignorant questions for ignorant people from ignorant people:

    1- What proportion of the planet is unsuitable for life due to excessively low temperatures? What proportion is unsuitable for life due to excessively high temperature? (Hint: the problem in the Sahara is lack of water, not excessive heat.)

    2- Of all the chemical components people dump into the air and water, which ones are the most dangerous, unnatural, and difficult to get rid of? (Hint: CO2 doesn’t even make the top ten of that list.)


    @Paul_Is_Drunk: what we’re not supposed to fap to glaciers…


    Tetsuo137 is right. Global warming is a distraction by the global science community to prevent us from finding out the truth: that while Pop Rocks and Coke CAN’T kill you, Pop Rocks and RC cola CAN.

    Fortunately, no one ever buys RC, let alone in conjunction with Pop Rocks, but soon the truth will be revealed, and Al Gore will be powerless to stop it…


    @Tetsuo137: I have to agree and there is PLENTY of evidence indicating that humans are not the ones causing it. Fight with me about it if you wish, but just remember. Nasa discovered that all the planets in our solar system are warming. Even pluto. As far as I know, humans don’t live there. whats worse, they will have a carbon tax on EVERYTHING. even livestock


    @Tetsuo137: Whoa dude, hold on there. Are you fucking serious? I enjoy crazy conspiracy theories about the NWO and stuff, but all that stuff you mentioned is just theoretical right now. Global warming is more of a distraction than 9/111. In fact 9/11 conspiracies are pure FUCKING BULLSHIT. Global warming presents a universal threat to all people of all races, faiths, and lifestyles. Terrorism poses a threat to uneducated people, palestinians and Israelis. Even al-quaeda said attacking the USA was a shitty idea. God man somebody has been hanging out on‘s NWO forum for too long. @Paul_Is_Drunk: It’s pretty… Read more »


    @Paul_Is_Drunk: I’ll admit it. When it comes down to it I have trust (more or less) the scientists that do the actual studies. Anything anyone else says is irrelevant. If the great majority of scientists say global climate change is not only inevitable but going on right now, I gotta go w/ them. Of course, it’s not an absolute belief and is subject to change as more becomes known.


    @Paul_Is_Drunk: I learned about the oxygen being the main source of oxygen in 6th grade science. I thought that was common knowledge. That’s partially why I don’t understand why people are freakin’ out about the state of our oceans. Global warming is nothing in comparison to killing our oceans.

    … I did find this, which is interesting…


    hrm, I deleted that last bit and yet… there it is. Stupid fingers.


    hahaha, and my stupid typo in the first sentence. *bangs head against desk*

    “the ocean being the main source of oxygen”



    the earth is coming out of a mini ice age(roughly 40,000 years), temps will increase a bit.
    the earth is evolving without us. the planet doesn’t need saving, fucktards.
    Isn’t it a bit grandiose to think that 200 years of industrial revolution can effect an entire planet?!
    read ‘State of Fear’ by Michael Crighton. I know he’s a fiction writer, asshole. he bases his shit on science yo. it’s a great read just for what he wrote about eugenics.
    hippie, emo, punk, nerd, dork, preppie… we all have a passion. you’re not special


    @the3g_ipwn: i don’t need to trust any scientist to know anything out of moderation is bad. you can test it out practically on anything in everyday life.


    i lived in Alaska for 20 years. i learned one fact while up there- glaciers recede! because they are, in fact, rivers of ice. they constantly move- albeit slowly- MOST of the time. ever heard of a galloping glacier? sometimes they move very fast (for a glacier). receding glaciers is just part of nature- not a big sign on Al Gore’s fucking forehead warning of the end of the world. (a boring douche-bag loser who’s married to an insane cunt that wants you to listen to what she considers music). i want more facts, more variables taken into consideration. here… Read more »


    @storminator: Uhm, you do know that global warming doesn’t just mean everything gets warmer, right? It means some areas are going to get more rain/snow, etc while the changes take place. I have a friend who lives in Arizona and it’s been snowing more and raining more this year and he thanks the global warming for it (don’t worry he’s a skeptic too). I don’t really buy into any of it. I figure the way we’re treating out environment is bad. That we should be able to be productive and have fun, good lives without being so selfish and wasteful.… Read more »


    @outofocus: if I’m correct It’s last year or the year before it was an abnormal year for us in the Caribbean. Even thou it’s extremely rare but we haven’t had no hurricane season that year. i was astonish that it happen because every year we get something even if it’s a tropical depression. absolutely nothing happen for us but regions around the world where hurricanes are less likely to strike are being bombarded. Perfected drawing of the sea current is impossible but take this for example hurricanes in our region are born in west Africa and proceed to channel… Read more »


    @MonkeyHitman: That shouldn’t be directed at me. I’m not a nay sayer, I’m just a skeptic. I hear everything said and just don’t feel like I have enough information. I’m not sure that the scientists have enough information if there is still so much debate on the subject.


    @outofocus: oh my bad, my intension’s were merely informing to anyone interested. forgot i had the tag there. yea you could say I’m skeptic on some things.


    vamos vamos argentina


    @MonkeyHitman: you live in the caribbean?! wtf are you doin online? i might be in your neighborhood soon(cruise). mind a visit? tour guide would be nice.
    ‘now i would never say we are the sole cause of global warming but i do say that we part of
    it. ‘ <— what would be another major factor?!


    read ‘state of fear’!! goddamn hippies…


    @iamevilhomer: i was born and lived for 18 years of my live on my island of St.Maarten, unfortunatly i live in holland, college