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  • This video is of a fish named Goldy. This fish is the MCS Mascot and this fish is the primary moderator of content on the site.

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    Dope. My kind of photography and editing.


    I’d take a needle and pop that bubble. But that’s just me. Why aren’t you in chat dieA? :p


    Boy, clever title

    Luke Magnifico

    Is it?

    A woman, I mean?


    But what is going on? Is she asleep? Falling? Dancing? Why is it so grainy and what is the watermark/superimposed interference? Poor photography or poor darkroom skills (I know, no one actually uses darkrooms anymore, but if you mention photoshop on a forum, people assume you’re talking about shooping).


    if look good you can see this is a photo of the photo. Not the model directly. but WistfulD: when you use Photoshop Lightroom you can do soo much. About people mentioning photoshop on a forum thing, all i can say is that that is just a significant mark for you to know who “actually” knows Photoshop.


    nyokki: She seems almost… ambivalent… Kind of like that Cylon in BSG that sits in the glowing tub 24/7/365… Doing her job but your not entirely sure she wants to be there. I guess it is kind of sad.

    But It’s messing with my head though… I keep trying to separate it out into separate images, but every time I shift focus I loose the one I was mentally trying to parse…

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