la Légion étrangère

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Vive le mort,
vive la guerre,
Vive le sacre mercinaré!


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    The Duelists…Watch it!

    Also Vive Le France!


    Puulaahi: The Duellists


    live the dead! Live the gorrillas! Live the holy shit!


    It is by definition, comprised entirely of foreigners, so it must be great!


    Puulaahi: C’est la France. On dit “Vive la France”, puisque la France est un nom féminin.


    nyokki: Erm escargot?


    Puulaahi: Oui, faire bon manger des escargots.


    nyokki: Je souhaite que je pourrais parler français. La langue du Français est tellement très sophistiquée. Également une grande manière de pisser au loin des conservateurs en Amérique.


    Je ne parle pas les francais. Ca va? Ca va. J’aime mon chien JD. J’aime la libre L’etrange. Au revoir.


    Puulaahi: C’est trop facile maintenant.

    French is actually easy enough to learn the basics. Thirteen irregular verbs, compared to English, that’s a cake walk. Of course, most of those thirteen verbs are the ones you use most (e.g. to do, to be, to have, to go…).


    Puulaahi: no, failed French nyokki. your extending French punctuations unnecessarily. it hurts my eyes. go back to posting nice snapshots 🙂

    also a translation of that motto would be .
    long live death, long live war, long live the sacred mercenary.

    I watched a documentary about these guys. It’s convenient for the French government to have them. It’s like an extension of their armed forces. Except, there are all international soldiers. That is to say, non French citizens , for the most part. Which makes them expendable. After 5 years of service or more, you can either A, continue serving, B: resume your old life or C: assume a new identity as a French citizen, with a new name 🙂

    they also tried to overthrow the French government once and almost succeeded.


    GorillaMunch: ah fuck. I fail, it was directed to Puulaahi

    French is easy if your raised with it. Le Francais est facile, meme un idiot comme tiki pourrait l’apprendre. Avec plusieurs Jack Daniels dans son system.


    GorillaMunch: I used BabelFish. *shrug* I don’t know Dieing to learn another language though. It’s just so hard. Really want to learn Italian.


    Puulaahi: But that was my point. Even if the grammar isn’t quite right and you put the adjective in front of noun, French is perfectly understandable, like English. You can mangle it and still be relatively easily understood. I still botch it all the time. Well, not all the time since I barely use it at all and forgotten so many words.


    GorillaMunch: Je préfère dire “vive le petit mort”.


    nyokki: My grammar has always been horrible. :/ I have tried to improve, surely my vocabulary has but little luck with grammar. Seems to go in one ear and out the other.


    English grammar is a bit of a joke. We can’t even decide what grammar where using, sometimes Latin, sometimes Greek and sometimes Teutonic. It’s what makes English so much fun to play w/. I think it’s the best language ever. Unfortunately, it’s the only one I know well enough to say that. I’d bet dieA has some interesting thoughts on the subject.


    nyokki: She do. We’ve repeated the discussion a couple of times.


    nyokki: At this moment I sought you were french…
    nyokki: But here, it’d be better to say : “J’adore manger des escargots !” or “Les escargots sont très bons.”

    Nevertheless, I agree with you: You’d be totally understandable.

    Ps : Vous êtes tous trop mignons à parler en français !



    Tiens, voilà du boudin,
    Pour les Alsaciens, les Suisses et les Lorrains,
    Pour les Belges, y en a plus,
    Ce sont des tireurs au cul.

    Au Tonkin, la Légion immortelle
    A Tuyen-Quang illustra notre drapeau,
    Héros de Camerone et frères modèles
    Dormez en paix dans vos tombeaux.

    Nos anciens ont su mourir.
    Pour la gloire de la Légion.
    Nous saurons bien tous périr
    Suivant la tradition.

    Au cours de nos campagnes lointaines,
    Affrontant la fièvre et le feu,
    Oublions avec nos peines,
    La mort qui nous guette si peu.
    Nous, la Légion.

    Nous sommes des dégourdis,
    Nous sommes des lascars
    Des types pas ordinaires.
    Nous avons souvent notre cafard,
    Nous sommes des légionnaires.


    I have arrived oh my favourite pseudo linguistics.

    So I like to compare English with German a lot. Here’s the thing, like nyokki said, English grammar is as adorable as a puppy chasing its own tail. German grammar on the other hand is almost as perfect as mathematics, and the professors here think it’s something sacred. We have grammar reforms almost every two years or so, a consequence of that is that the old teachers in high schools don’t know anymore what’s wrong and what’s right.
    So while we play with German by the same rules like the people did 100 years ago, what do they do in English speaking countries? They invent new words! They make crosswords, or even better, they become famous for it like James Joyce and Homer Simpson.
    Obviously new words have nothing to do with grammar, but since most people aren’t as serious about English, they’re not afraid to try new things.
    Needless to mention that having the ability to create your own language means power. Immense power. And from what I’ve seen, Americans (mostly) create their own language every day. Urban Dictionary is the most excellent example for that.

    English is so fantabulous, it’s beyond comprehension. It’s got a very special place in my heart. I’ve always liked puppies too.


    Deluxe: Yeah, I was going for the written expression. I’m not sure why French has a somewhat different written and spoken grammar and usage, but I don’t always get it right. I was young when I lived in France and am not always sure why I pick the usages I do. I did minor in French, but I still tend to mash things up in my head.


    kilowatt: Is that a motto type thing for la Légion Étrangère?


    @nyokki : is the official march of the legion
    boudin is a kind of blood sausage.

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