Debt Star

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    Hahahaha! This brightened my night immensely.


    As opposed to the other people who were drowning us in debt AND in control when everything went downhill.

    I mean, if we’re going to use specious reasoning.

    Alec Dalek

    Too soon. Wait to see.


    Paul_Is_Drunk: Surly you don’t mean the Clinton administration. The ones who put enourmous pressure on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to buy up loans on people of high risk? Surely you jest.


    How dare Obama ruin Bush’s perfectly balanced budget.

    Snarky Parker

    Would be nice if Americans were back on the gold standard (fiat dollar)…


    Look. It’s like this. The economy moves up, it moves down. When it dips it’s not as bad as last time and when it gains, it is better than the last gain. That’s the basics of economics. The only way to fight inflation is with recession, and vice-versa. Now If you want to point blame, it is both Clinton, and Bush’s fault that we’re in this mess. See, the economy was on the up and scheduled for it’s normal, healthy down swing.( remember that I say healthy because recession is the only force that can combat inflation) Well, Clinton patched it with an increase in government spending. The economy continued to gain for Bush. On the next scheduled down swing, Bush patched it with tax stimuli. So now, we are facing the brunt of a down swing fed by 2 more that didnt happen.

    Now I’m not blaming either of them. Given the circumstances, we would have all made the same choices. The problem is that the nature of the beast that is our free market economy, don’t give a shit weather we want a recession or not. It is economic law. It’s gonna happen. To delay it only makes the inevitable more powerful.


    the3g_ipwn: And of course Bush’s pointless “War on Terror” didn’t help.


    rattybad: Didn’t help?

    *looks around America for suicide bombers and Muslim extremists *

    Hrmm. Your right, it didn’t work at all.



    Oh I guess I was too dirty for Princess TIKI.

    What I ment to say was that you’re a friggin moron. How many buildings been knocked over in the past 8 years? What really makes me sick is the fact that the same bastards critisixing the patroit act are the same people demanding why whe didn’t know about the 9/11 hijackers being trained to fly in the US


    Heh, I actually made a “Debt Star” in Spore. It was for one of the races that ended up being all economic and whatnot.


    greenie: Yeah, because they were on every street corner before….oh, wait.

    Those things were a rarity before, they’re a rarity now. So, the “war on terror” pretty much maintained a status quo that probably would have been maintained without raping our constitutional rights with the bullshit “patriot act” and such. Not at all what I’d call a “victory”. Well, not for us anyway.


    Tyger42: You fucking whore liberals and your self righteous talk. You were the same pansy ass bitches that wanted to know why the CIA didn’t know that the 9/11 hijackers got their pilots license in the US.Fucking hypocryts.

    beep beep

    I don’t know why everyone keeps blaming a President and not the economic theories that our government is running; namely, Keynesian economics. Take the belief that the American economy knows little bounds when it comes to growth or employment, along with the idea that tinkering with the economy is all that is needed to fix a staggering economy and bam! You get a huge increase in public debt. And the Budget Control Act of 1975 removed a President’s impoundment abilities (impoundment was the President’s ability to refrain from spending funds authorized in the budget); so, essentially the restraints on Congressional spending has been significantly weakened since the passing of the Budget Control Act and has led to increased deficit and public debt. Congress is overseeing Congressional spending – not the executive branch.


    magic rock defends against tigers!


    Thank you!

    Somebody actually got it.

    ITT: Everyone else misses the joke.


    the3g_ipwn: Here’s a quarter, go buy a clue.
    What, you think the knee-jerk panic lockdown on our rights was the RIGHT reaction to terrorists? Good god, that’s exactly what they wanted us to do…


    the3g_ipwn: What fancifully eloquent speech. Surely, with your obviously intellectual and well-informed nature, you are a prime representative for your group’s point of view in the world of debate! I suggest reaching a little higher on the Hierarchy of Argument than the bottom rung of Name Calling.

    Express your opinion without being such a douchebag and others might feel inclined to actually respect it.


    the3g_ipwn: It’s a two way street and you just got hit by a semi.


    TrayShadix: nice words well put in a sentence i’m going to copy that shit.


    TrayShadix: oh and thanks


    I have a rock that keeps tigers away. Would you like to buy it?


    Simpsons did it.


    well, to the original post and neat pic…most folks who have some inkling of economics do know that you can’t really spend your way ouf of a recession. you don’t really want the hole to get deeper…you want to fill it in. Obama has already spent, in less than 100 days, a rather large sum of money. He could have done something with the latest spending bill but then claimed that it was from the last group…so you decide not to fix something because it is tainted…not very patriotic, I would say. He could have veto’d the bill, sent it back and had the congress pass an emergency spending bill to keep the .gov running. instead he lets all the earmarks go through. hmm…lets see how the rest of the years in the white house goes…

    of course, almost everyone in DC on both sides of the fence tend to know about as much about economics as they do about oscillation overthrusters.

    To Bush’s credit, he did keep the focus of terrorism off our shores. that is my opinion so take it as you want. I served in the military and was always taught that you keep attacking the enemy to keep him off balance and don’t let him settle in to get a hit back on you. Some folks around here don’t seem to mind the idea that we get attacked again. For those who think that way, please contact the taliban and volunteer as potential targets so that my area doesn’t get hit, please?

    wall of text
    everyone has opinions
    more than one path to the same goal
    money don’t grow on trees dammit.


    Kero: youfail, i already made that reference


    actually, in this case the idea is that spending money -can- make more money, if you spend it right: in ways that make present business opportunities and create jobs. *will it work?* fuck if i know, i’m from the internet, not an economist. i sure hope it does.

    you forget about stuff like “the hardest part of my job is linking 9/11 to iraq”. whole thing was a sham money-sink and petty vengeful war. that’s not the fault of anyone who actually *fought* there – it’s the guys with the bank accounts full of oil money who tell the soldiers to go fight there while they sit pretty in washington.

    international politics is not a street-fight in an alley.


    Love idiots. Clinton made on of the strongest America’s in history. It was a task, but Bush erased EVERYTHING Clinton built. They both had 8 years, yet we give Obama 2 months before we start saying “where are the results”

    Too bad I never made a whitty visual asking Bush when the fuck he was gonna find bin laden. Fucker had ONE task that he couldnt accomplish, but in his wake, Obama has about a million.


    Oh fuck.

    tiki god

    oh come on, he’s had FIFTY DAYS.
    why isn’t it raining skittles yet!?!?


    tiki god: Have you noticed that he proposed (and got through congress) several proposals for addressing the economic crises, and investors have become confident that we had a four day rally this past week?

    I know, I’m just as bad on the correlation implies causation thing, but I’m just poking fun.

    db_tanker: Actually, there’s an entire model of economics that believes that you can spend your way towards addressing a recession. Roosevelt seemed to ascribe to it and intellectuals are still arguing whether or not he was successful. I think what you mean is that the folks who have some inkling of economics that you ascribe to don’t think you can spend out of a recession.


    Well It’s certainly no moon…


    : what about spending a trillion dollars of our taxpayer money on a war with no purpose other than making bush cheney and all their buddies richer while cutting taxes for BILLIONAIRES.
    i cant believe someone so stupid would like a site this cool

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