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    1 star for bad photo manipulation but nice try 🙂

    Leonardo Da Nietzsche

    I don’t know I kind of like it. It reminds me of those Bass/Rankin Holiday stop-action specials. [Awe crap gone all nostalgic]


    the goal of the picture is made but the quality is shitty, it’s not up to standard for dicks like me to make ranting comments that nobody gives a shit about.


    Is Jason 9 feet tall or is that a magic circus mirror?


    Edit: “for dicks like me. So I have to make ranting….”


    Emmanuel: Its not the ranting that makes you a dick. Its the “im sorry I have an opinion” that makes you a dick.


    lol i always thought it was the other way around.


    Immanuel: Well, one way, your opinion is heard… the other way you get steam rolled. I think a lot of people “didn’t just want to rant” In America for the last 8 years… well you see where we are today.

    Expressed opinions bring about focus and change.


    but ranting isn’t taken serious by serious people. as so as i see.


    As so as I see, most people arnt serious, they are too busy “trying not to sound annoying”

    Either way, Instead of just doing your ranting, you ranted about not being able to rant.

    Its kind of like the dynamic, if your a stand up comic, never get on stage and say “im sorry, ive had a cold and havnt had much time to make material” everyones just going to roll their eyes and be annoyed by you. If youre going to express a genuine differential, then do it, dont say “this sucks, but I dont have the balls to say why”. Im guessing you could school me in how this visual could be better, but instead, you decide to censor yourself because someone might decide that its “ranting”.

    Had you just said it, there could be a repost of a decent image.

    And might I say, I didnt call you a dick, you did, im just clarifying for you why.


    so if i called you a mr.know it all dickhead with all your prosperity words. how would you react?

    Leonardo Da Nietzsche

    [word] in edgewise


    Immanuel: Id be quite flattered! and id hope youd be willing to do some verbal sparing with me.

    I have to say, ive been in quite the coma for a while. I tried to duck my head and keep my mouth shut as stupidity started to snowball. I was a 21 year old Research Assistant for the state going to University making a massive paycheck and well on my way to a prosperous career. Thought it smart to keep my mouth shut as the shit hit the fan.

    Then all the shit hit, I was laid off, and now im a 21 year old janitor at a gym, the pay cut made me not able to pay tuition, and I was forced to leave university.

    I think people need to start dropping the “be nice” shit, and lets start having some actual conversation!


    However i would say name calling rarely holds a valid point, and id compel you to tell me why im a know it all dick head and what I should change, in your opinion.

    Differential ideas and compromise are the point of good discourse!


    camusapprentice: just referring that as you attended a high academic level proves you know what you say. I think it isn’t entirely about “being nice” it’s about being smart, knowing when to shut up and watch and listen. But now that I know you seem very mature, verbal sparing will seem less fun. Takes the “judgementing” out of sparing. Btw it does sucks to get hit by the shit in the fan. I’ve gotten hit so much times but not on your level.


    Immanuel: Indeed. The sad thing is that my entire stay in higher education was insufferable. I promise you, I didnt learn a damn thing. 2 classes taught me something, that was fundamental chemistry and statistics. Other than that, college was nothing more than filling out paperwork and signing attendance sheets, and listening to people who thought they were god.

    As far as it not being fun, I see it as the difference between playing basketball with third graders, and getting on a court with some NBA players. Sure its fun to dominate people less abled than you, but playing with people as good as or better than you makes you yourself better and I get more satisfaction from having a struggle and being all the better for it.


    The driver is already dead.


    I would say you learned more than you think you know you do, reading a book nose point is impossible, only if you create a distance you will see a new perspective, understanding, light. Up to now i have nothing to use against you. if i was a 3rd grade basketball player then yea. if you have the time you should read this topic. www.myconfinedspace.com/2008/11/16/moldy-bible/#comments

    surely we could use a posting contributer.


    Puulaahi: That’s Jason, not the Fist of the North Star…

    My back bumper says he ain’t all that… 😛


    the perspective on that is totally wrong and it’s driving me nuts.


    camusapprentice: If you didn’t learn something, that’s your fault, not your educators. Do you really thinkno students in your classes learned anything, or that you’re smarter than everyone else? Perhaps you didn’t get anything from education because you didn’t put anything into it. Some people don’t really “get” what they’re there for; it’s not all about taking & memorizing notes and having exams and papers due.


    rattybad: i would have to say Im not completely with you, because there have a good amount of teachers that just don’t know how to teach. and it’s driving me crazy. i have this teacher she really don’t know how to teach, it’s not that i have the problem. It’s the whole class that don’t get nothing what she is trying to teach. so anyways i would have to stand on neutral ground and say it’s both way. as you say if you don’t put any effort or will then yea & if the teacher just sucks at teaching.

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