Thats a Good Price for Ox Penis.jpg (65 KB)

Terrible Wine Names.jpg (43 KB)

Would you like some Ox Penis? Best to drink it down with a nice big glass of Dry Sack but watch out you might need some Cock Burns.

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    Leonardo Da Nietzsche

    Unable to comment: all jokes used up in post


    Abandon joke mode. Activate state the obvious mode:

    These pictures are funny because of the penis references. As well as the presence of an actual penis. An ox penis.


    Honey, want some Ox Penis and DrySack tonight?


    i wonder how much my penis would fetch at market.

    well. kind of.


    I actually got my gf to lick cockburns off of me in the right spot. Was a fun novelty, but yeah, alcohol does burn a bit.

    Not a super port either, even for shitty ruby ports, Dow or Grahams would be better. Hell, Sandman is better.

    Tawny ports are for drinking. Ruby are for dipping your junk in for the kicks.


    My girlfriend loves the taste of Drysack