Metal VS Hip Hop

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    1. I understand what the creator was trying to do here, perfectly. Too bad it makes him look like a complete idiot.

      Listing all the different Rock genres and comparing them to a typical theme of certain rapper’s lyrics? Right. Let’s compare an essay I wrote for my German class to the national library of Austria.

    2. MonkeyHitman says:

      i think we need someone who stand on a neutral basis to make something like this. end of story.

    3. Queensly says:

      Not to mention that Vegetarian Progressive Grindcore is missing from the list!

      Ed explains it best!

    4. Wow! Glad you kept me informed, Demon! And this whole time all of the history I’ve been reading (and listening) on hip hop, from it’s creation by DJ Kool Herc to its global expansion HAS ALL BEEN A LIE!!!

      You sir, know your music. IGNORANCE is not what you possess…

    5. HoChunk says:

      METAL: Taking Rock way too seriously since 1968.

    6. @Snarky Parker:

      Demon is a woman. Gee people, how often do I have to say it.

      And hey, just because she posted this, doesn’t mean she agrees with it. But I bet she knew that it would cause DRAMA.
      So always direct your response to the invisible creator. Wait that sounds familiar.

    7. suicydking says:

      @ColombianMonkey: I would say that doing so would take all the humor out of what is obviously supposed to be a joke. However, you’ve all done a fine job already.

    8. Jicty says:

      I refuse to call Limp bizkit metal, I don’t care if he is metal or not I will not call him that. he should be in his own music catagory, “dumb ass music”

    9. Mohawk says:


      yes its obviously a joke, but one that’s founded on an elitist position for which metal culture is notorious. the delegitimation of newer (especially ethnic) musical forms is as old as music itself. elvis was accused of singing n****r music. swing was n****r music corrupting the youth. before that it was ragtime. today people still don’t like it, as white kids are ridiculed for listening to rap/hip-hop.

    10. MonkeyHitman says:

      i think it’s not easy making a joke when there’s so much close minded people in this website. but i feel where you coming from.

    11. @Mohawk:

      Exactly. Holy shit I couldn’t have said it better. And I’m totally going to steal your argument and use it in the future. Thank you.

    12. Luke Magnifico says:

      now, I am a metal listener. But even I half to admi that half, maybe 3/4 of the bands on the metal side of this picture are complete. fucking. bullshit.

      Also, on the hippity-hop side, let us not forget the Madcon, the Mad of Con.

    13. Shyfty3.14 says:

      by far the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen on MCS

    14. suicydking says:

      ¶You know what, all you tight-asses are absolutely right. This isn’t very funny, and is even less accurate. The right side should also include southern rap.¶

    15. nyoki says:

      She tagged it humor.

    16. @LukeV1-5:

      Call it hippity-hop one more time, and I’m going to do things to you which you can’t even imagine in your wildest fantasies.


      ¶Fuck you.¶

    17. Drewlicious says:

      that’s so metal.

    18. Alec Dalek says:

      Damn chart is missing the root of it all – The Beatles. They invented metal with the song “Helter Skeltor”. All other metal bands that came after are little girl.

    19. Luke Magnifico says:

      @dieAntagonista: What do you care if I call it hippity-hop?

    20. Luke Magnifico says:


    21. suicydking says:

      @AlecDalek: When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide….

      Absofuckinglutely. History of Metal = Helter Skelter -> 70’s Black Sabbath -> Crap.

    22. Luke Magnifico says:

      @suicydking: Are you fucking sure? I fucking disagree with you, you fuck. What the fuck about Iron fucking Maiden? You know, the fucking fathers of fucking modern fucking metal? Fuck.

    23. @LukeV1-5: YOU. As if I didn’t already have enough reasons to do bad bad things to you. Don’t worry though, I’m going to make it long and painful.

    24. Oh god. Cursing in English. Oh god. It’s just not fair it’s just not fair.

    25. Luke Magnifico says:

      @dieAntagonista: Long is good. But how about, to put a new spin on the whole revenge thing, we replace “painful” with “arousing and naked”?

      I just think it would be a good idea.

      Also, cursing in English is fucking awesome.

    26. Puulaahi says:

      The coasts are all wrong! Believe it or not there are sub fucking genres in hip hop too.

    27. suicydking says:

      @LukeV1-5: @LukeV1-5: Gallops & shrieks? Cloppity-clop cloppity-clop cloppity-clop…YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!

      I kid, I kid… I love me some Maiden.
      As I get older, however, I find that primordial metal (before they knew they were playing metal, like the stuff mentioned above) is superior to the more refined 80’s -early 90’s stuff I used to spin constantly as a teenager.

      You get someone with a prog-rock bend and some real tanent, and modern metal can be fantastic, too. Like Tool for example.

    28. Angry sex. I can’t say I haven’t thought about it.

    29. Luke Magnifico says:

      What can I say, I’m a genius.

    30. OK, my satire missile is officially being upgraded; my bad to Demon and the great genre of metal in general. Totally came out wrong.

    31. @suicydking: Haha. Almost. I don’t know what it is. Arguing with people over music, religion or politics makes me feel all fuzzy inside. Especially when it gets really nasty. And cursing in English is so good it makes me a little dizzy sometimes.

    32. Jas3n_bla says:

      Children of Bodom isn’t thrash metal, they’re more melodic death metal than anything. For them to be in the same category as Slayer is heresy, because Slayer sucks. The Black Dahlia Murder isn’t even listed. And some good Power Metal Bands are missing from the list (Rhapsody of Fire and Dragonforce).

    33. Luke Magnifico says:

      @dieAntagonista: Well then.

      You’re a whore, you’re destined to be a failure, and no one will ever truly love you. Even if they say they do, they’re just lying to you, not to save your feelings, but because they’re too afraid to break the off the routine of a dull, unexciting relationship.

      Some people like routine.

      Did I do it right?

    34. Belbo says:

      No no no no, this is all wrong. Half of the stuff filed under Metal is really rock and roll.

      If it sounds good, it’s rock and roll. If it sounds like shit, it’s probably metal.

    35. Luke, your attempt was so weak I don’t even know what to say. You did it on purpose, obviously, but my god. I like arrogant condescending people. But only if it’s based on intelligence. I’m not even sure what that was supposed to be.

      You’re better at it when you’re not even trying. I remember the first reply you gave me. You called me stupid. Now that was a good start.

    36. Drunkin says:

      Sourhtern Rap should just be a grave stone. The more I learn about New Orleans the more I come to understand why there is really only West coast and East coast, the Southern rappers kill each other before they make it big…ir so it seems. Living in Galveston when Chamillionair came into town was educational as well. The amount of shooting incrased where ever he was at. Made the newspaper much more enjoyable to read…

    37. Belbo says:

      There’s all kinds of hip hop, more than just east coast, west coast, and southern. You’ve got street rap, party rap, trip hop, gangsta rap, club rap, scratch, nerdcore . . .
      help me out, bitches

    38. Drunkin says:

      @Belbo: ╓┘No. I refuse to except that there is anything but west and east coast.╓┘ (my symbols are better than yours)

    39. Luke Magnifico says:

      @dieAntagonista: Werll, if I try again I’ll just look like a buffoon.

      Also, you remember my first reply? D’awww.

      I don’t even remember how long you’ve been here. It’s like you’ve always been here, having views, saying….words.

      @Drunkin: no that is not how the symbols work if you attempt anything that retarded again i will rip your skull in half and punch you in the brain.

    40. Drunkin says:

      @LukeV1-5: Whateva, I do what I want! What this is, a buncha people holdin’ me down?

    41. Luke Magnifico says:

      @Drunkin: Yes, that’s precisely what it is. There’s us, and then there’s you, and one of these parties is being held down by the other.

      PROTIP: It’s not us.

    42. Luke Magnifico says:

      @Emmanuel: No one cares what you think.

    43. MonkeyHitman says:

      @LukeV1-5: clearly nobody cares about your opinion.

    44. Luke Magnifico says:

      @Emmanuel: I’m pretty sure, if there were a poll, people would care more about my opinion than yours.

      Because you do things like take someone’s argument and repeat it as a comeback, and this renders you a dullard and a general cunt.

      Now, todd along.

    45. MonkeyHitman says:

      i enjoy your emphasize on how you worry about my comeback than what’s true, lol i’ll give you that

    46. Dreth says:

      Both genres have evolved, and for the most part it sucks. Both genres have been milked for money and only the best of the worst are the ones that get media attention.

    47. Luke Magnifico says:

      @Emmanuel: I’m not sure that sentence made sense, good buddy.

      If you’re making the point that the subject of the argument has wandered from your inadequacies to the way in which the argument itself is being waged; let’s just say I like to argue. The cut and parry of barbed half-truths and equally sharp lies, people getting further and further enraged as they realise they’ve fallen into yet another linguistic trap…

      It’s a bit of fun, isn’t it.

    48. MonkeyHitman says:

      i’ve yet to say the same thing. funny because none of us is enraged. so both traps failed… sadly

    49. Luke Magnifico says:

      You’ve yet to say… what?

    50. Drunkin says:

      @LukeV1-5: Your PROTIP is a failure. Just tried it and all I got was stupified stares, so clearly it is you. Once again, holding me back from achieving my goals and holding me down everytime I wake up by sitting on my chest. When will you let my people go and break these bonds of injustice!?

    51. Luke Magnifico says:

      @Drunkin: To save yourself, there is a word you must learn.

      It beings with U, and rhymes with Munkle.

    52. DarkDsurion says:

      That’s great and all, but where’s the viking metal category for Amon Amarth et al? And I don’t see any Scottish pirate metal either.

      I thought we were going for completeness here. You disappoint me greatly.

      Seriously, goth metal? At least there’s no emo metal.

    53. Awesome1 says:

      Edguy is not even on the list

    54. mystic says:

      Ummmmm….. yay for Dream Theater.

    55. Dreth says:

      Edguy is “Fun metal”, another sub-genre.

      Actually I’m kidding about that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I were right.

    56. traptin85 says:

      @ mystic: I concur SAVAGELY!!!!
      Dream Theater is coming out w/ a new album this summer!!!!!

    57. deleted_user says:

      Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, rap is music and is more then just east coast west coast…far more

    58. Awesome1 says:

      Edguy is a lot of fun to listen to. They are power metal, more specifically neo-classical power metal. I think Jens Ludwig is the best guitarist I’ve ever heard. If Wyld Stallyns was a real band, I imagine they would sound just like Edguy and have similar lyrics. Jackson named a guitar after Bill and Ted’s home town, the San Dimas Dinky. But I digress.

      No Gamma Ray either. Actually, the whole Power Metal genre got dissed, Europeans have a lot more to offer than just Black Metal.

    59. Caio says:

      Metalheads are fucking autistic. Most metal bands play the same song over and over again and the metalheads call it a new genre when they use a different power cord. Hell some of those genres are identical except the singer sings about dwarves instead of dragons.

      Every hip hop song, “yo yo gangsta gangsta”

      Every metal song, “the dragon boiled the king the fairies saved the day the dwarven folk slain by the moon’s tide (it’s a metaphor for my parents grounding me)”

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