The Holocaust

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No matter what others would like you believe, It did happen.

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    Alec Dalek

    Yeah, you’d have to be a real retard to believe it didn’t happen.


    No one (intelligent) said it “didn’t happen” just that it’s been overexaggerated in part by false memoirs and exaggerated stories of cruelty.

    Yes, a bunch of people were incarcerated by an extremist. Many of them were killed.
    You are not alone. You never were.


    …or be so bigoted that you ELECT to believe that it didn’t happen.


    I’ve always liked this strip. People that don’t believe in the holocaust have no perception of the real world. There are far too many historical texts to support it, as well as living breathing men who will admit to going through, and many who will admit they were a part of the oppression (with a variety of emotions to go with the admission, I am sure).

    in b4 kommistupidity.

    Alec Dalek

    @Camiam321: Retarded, Bigoted, they’re pretty much the same thing.

    Alec Dalek

    @CathyLong: Just by following your link, I found Babi Yar, possibly the worst massacre in history, 33,000 in only 2 days! I think the Jews are very justified in their protectionism these days.


    The Holodomor is missing from that list of massacres


    I don’t think it’s “unjusified” to feal anger and regret from the events of the holocaust. It was a tragedy and a disgusting glance into humanity. I do not, however, believe it is beyond humor, beyond fact checking or beyond reproach when people are overexaggering their persnal experiences. The Nazis were soldiers. They were not psychopathic serial killers. That’s why it’s so easy to pull apart the fact from the fiction. Nazis didn’t throw children at live electric fences. They didn’t make furniture from bones and skin and they sure as hell did not perform half of the “scientific tests”… Read more »


    It needs to be remembered, but the upsetting thing is that since the USSR was on the “winning side” and they had such a totalitarian state thanks to Ole Joe, that actual body count will probably never be really known. Also noticed that it brought up the Nanking massacre which doesn’t get a whole lot of attention. These kinds of events do tend to show a person that passivism leads to events like this.

    tiki god

    I’ve heard that the USSR might have understated their loses by nears 5x.


    @CathyLong: Where did you get your “information” about the Nazi’s tests? How is it “right” while what someone else says is “wrong”? Look at the horrific experiments the Doctor of Death did to twins, children, gays, and the elderly. Torture one twin to see if the other twin feels it, no anesthesia for cutting into flesh, they just soaked the skin in water to make it sag, then cut. Also, I have never heard of the furniture or throwing children into fences that you mentioned.

    Jesus Christ

    @CathyLong: Actually, they didn’t make furniture out of skin. Their wives did.


    I find the focal point of “faith” to be a little bit inaccurate since Judaism isn’t just a religion like xianity, it’s a culture. The Jewish culture has been being slaughtered on and off for thousands of years… it just needed to happen in large enough numbers for non-Jewish people to give a shit.


    It happenned, and it was horrible, unforgiveable and unforgetable, but there are no words to describe the massacre that the country of Israel is doing, day by day on Palestine in the name of “god” and “the promised land”. Stop living in the past, please. There was no genocide that justifies another one.


    day by day – do tell! Numbers? examples?


    Weird. I just finished watching The Pianist, and here there is, a god damn Holocaust pic.

    Fuck you MCS, as if im not depressed enough after the god damn movie. Fuck you, MCS. Fuck you.


    No one said there was. Most people these days have very mixed feelings about supporting Israel. I certainly do, anyway.


    Bad people exist (they always have & always will); they corrupt neutral people, and persecute weaker people until good people stop them.

    Political extremism…that’s why I make my own Kool-Aid

    suicydking The Japanese did very, very, very terrible things to the Chinese. Frostbite/boiling water. Vivisections. Diseases. Installing ports in people. Burnings. Mutilations. They referred to them as ‘logs’ as in, go get me another log from the pile. All the shit you wonder if the Nazi’s were actually sick enough to do? Yeah, these guys were doing it in style. Proudly. No one talks about it. No one founded a new nation because of it. The US isn’t devoting billions of dollars to the defense of the Chinese. We aren’t making enemies with half of the world because we let… Read more »


    I totally agree with that suicydking


    That kid is a girl. Dana, I think.

    Darfur drives me crazy. I know a lot of Sudanese refugees, and I can’t talk to them about what has happened in their home. I would break down. I can’t do it.


    @MrPsychic: I know they did tests, on a select few people. It wasn’t hordes and hordes and it wasn’t to the extreme that some people have picked up from science fiction and comic books. And the lampshades thing has been disproven so many times and it still pops up. The electric fence was a scene from one of those fake memoirs which people wouldn’t stop yapping about in the 80s. My only point was that Nazis weren’t these cruel vilainous people. They were just people. It doesn’t EXCUSE them, but I can’t believe how much vile and hatred people have… Read more »


    I think saying “It Did Happen” is maybe one of the extremely few truths that haven’t had 10 tons of BS propaganda warping it but still 1] WW2 and the holocaust DID happen, Germany did not make it up, and the British and Americans lack the intelligence to imagine something that extreme to lie about 2] The number of dead jews was Overestimated, and the numbers of dead russians did not include the fact that the russians killed about 2/3 of that as cowards and deserters so germany cant take all the blame 3] Germany had grey uniforms before and… Read more »


    @CathyLong: stop fucking with comic books and sci-fi books you crazy nazi


    I was unsure if you believe it, but sure that you are not fond of Jews.

    And another thing, if we weren’t in a huge fucking hole, I’d be pretty happy about us giving money to the Palestinians, as long as Hamas does not receive it.


    @KommissarKvC: Are you a skinhead KKK?


    I am.


    Ok first off i am going to make something clear before you all begin getting pissy and begin accusing me of being zionist or some other bullshit. I make holocaust jokes all the time, it is not below me to crack jew jokes or racist jokes at all. Comedy is comedy, it can use serious events or situations to help us cope and get past the darker parts of our time on earth. You can still be respectful to those who died in these events by using jokes to convey the ridiculousness or sadness of the truth behind the jokes.… Read more »


    Ugh, god damn it, i need to proof read my blurbs better and stop writing while hopped up on coffee and excedrin. I came off really redundant in my response to suicyd.

    @RSIxidor: We might not have to actually. One of the upcoming candidates for Prime minister of Israel is willing to trade land for peace. What i would like to know is why none of the other Muslim/Arab nations are helping out the Palestinians.


    I dont take too real nothing that I havent reaserched in the first time. its not that I have reaserched this too much (and no I dont take internet as a real reserching tool) but this is what I belive: 1.- holocaust real 2.- quantity of jews dead i dont care I suppouse its not really important the number but the fact that jews were killed just beacuse they were jews is ridiculos. (so its bad ok) 3.- @KommissarKvC: i wish people like you win and inherit all the land so you can actually fuck youre mother, sister and father… Read more »


    @thelotuseater725: You forgot to take your xanax today. Didn’t you.


    @thelotuseater725: No offense meant, and you’re putting words in my mouth if you think I implied that the Jews are ‘monsters’. I dig your argument about having a homeland. The point I was making is that it’s rather taboo to discuss the Holocaust, and it shouldn’t be. Also wanted to stress the point that no one seems to care about the current genocides taking place, while the Holocaust is supposed to be a reminder to never let it happen again. As far as why no other Arab nations helping out the Palestinians, well, see my comment about Israel influencing our… Read more »


    I see nothing here that implies the Jews want us to feel sorry for them. What I see is a group of people who do not want us to forget that it still happens…in Darfur, Middle East, etc…

    Much like the comic strip, they ask, not for themselves, but for us, all of us. Apparently we have not yet learned the lesson. Apparently we need reminding.


    A half Jew is still a Jew

    Yep, scientists and scholars are always right, and apparently never make mistakes
    The world was flat too, but scholars are never wrong

    The original humans were slightly tanned yes, but not african monkey black
    Study the evolution of humans – the variant of Homo Erectus that was biologically capable of adapting to new environments, moved north and colonized europe and evolved to have light skin, while the the inferior variant stayed in africa and darkened


    @KommissarKvC: Kommissar aces Racist/Bigotry 101 in Geography. The more comments this guy makes the more I want to send him to an island and nuke him.


    I respect you only because you are honest about how you feel, other than that, fuck off.

    The world being flat was speculation, what Mr. Monkey is speaking of is scientific research providing results, (though I’d sure like some references), its also VERY well known that all living humans came from Africa. I know that to refute this would be to fly in the face of scientific fact. Your ancestors were black, and their ancestors were something like monkeys. Live with it.


    @suicydking: Oh none taken, I guess i misread what you said. I’m so used to being on the defensive about israel and religion in general that i miss out on balanced views. Either way i apologize for putting words into your mouth. Having that said i actually agree with you, it is bullshit how taboo the holocaust is. Yeah it was a horrible moment in history but the jews as well as the world will never heal if we make it a taboo subject. I know that at my synagogue we don’t think of it as a taboo subject, we… Read more »


    I’ll repsect your willingness to question science. Other than that fuck you, you uneducated douchebag redneck fuckwad. Nobody likes you.

    Also, You are wrong about flat earth. Since the ancient greeks it was widely accepted that the earth was round. Albeit they thought it was much much smaller. The Whole flat earth Theory didn’t come into fruition until the 1800’s .



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    oh and by the way, (forgeting tha kkk kid) , isnt anonymous triyng too pull something equaly stupid on the scientologist? ad alot of people is supporting it here I dont understand that people against something because is relly bad or just because is the actual thing to do?

    no I dont support scientologist I just dont see why people cant belive whatever they want without being attacked.