Gay People, Your Business

SME.jpg (125 KB)

– We don\’t have lesbians working here you know?
– Oh, my girlfriend will be delighted to hear that.

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    The black one looks like a dude in a wig.


    Yeah, well the Job Market’s been pretty dry for Eddie Murphy lately. That’s why he’s getting back into stand up.


    that situation looks like its about to get real steamy in 3…2…

    tiki god

    Teh Gheys will take over the world!


    @zilch: That’s what I was thinking. The one in glasses in obviously bi-curious.

    @tiki god: They only have one tank that I’ve seen. So they’re not conquering by force.


    @tiki god: I will fight the ghey menace if they form an army. My asshole is exit only thank you very much.


    I’m sure your fat, sweaty, over weight arse has enough trouble trying to get a woman to touch it, so you’ve got no hope of ever getting hit on by a dude.


    Dont you people know? We gays have been secretly experimenting on a new form of hyper laser that will annihilate all the heteros and or turn them to our cause. However, we can only test it on rainy days when the sun shines through. We call this hyper laser a “rainbow”. It will kill billions once it is complete.


    Ah! Not the rainbow “laser”!


    I’d do the one in the glasses