Daytona Bike Week

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I\’ve been enjoying your posts for a while, so I figured I\’d contribute some of my own…


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    I need a sex pistols shirt.

    How have I never known this before?

    *runs off to find one for sale online*


    The first picture could be a mother and daughter team


    What do you ride, Aaronious?


    Trust me, not all the girls at the Daytona Bike Week are that well put together (although I suppose if you’re the hotties of the event, you’d pose for pictures too).


    It’s the shirt… chicks dig the shirt.


    So people go to bike week for the chicks. Learn something new everyday.


    Your mom.



    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    There’s a motorcycle in the last pic if you look real close.


    @nobody knows: Ha! Yep, I guess I was wide open for that one! Nicely said, sir!


    hey, were these taken this year? i go to school at embry-riddle, so i experienced some lovely traffic problems within the past week thanks to the extra 400,000 people in daytona beach.


    Bike Week, or as those of us that ride year round call it “Trailer Week.”

    See :


    Biker chicks are the skankiest females on the planet.


    Its just your mom.


    MikeBabaguh: As a “biker chick” who grew up on motorcycles, riding with the H.A., I can comfortably that that stereotype was created by the media and xian conservatives who fear the soul of the biker.

    Not to say there aren’t skanky females that are also bikers but the percentage of skank within the biker community is not more than any other community that involves physical activity, large groups of people, enthusiasm, etc. Shit, I’m not even sure that there are less skanks at a church meet… they just aren’t obvious about it.


    MikeBabaguh: Was that troll bait? I suspect you know better than that. In case you don’t…fuck you. ;<)


    nyokki: No no… don’t fuck him! You’ll just be proving him right!



    MikeBabaguh: Your right especially nyokki.


    aaronious03: Isn’t a locked rear the best? I had the hook holding my tail end bag break and the bag swung under my tail, the tire grabbed it and pulled it against the swing arm. My rear tire locked at 90mph on the 5 in Southern California in the carpool lane. Cars were flying past me as I’m slowing… at first I thought the bike shut off… but as the rubber wore down I realized that I was sliding… I repeated the MSF mantra… “rear end goes where the front end goes” and kept it all straight. I slid to a stop, almost got hit by a car… lifted my bike and carried it about a foot and something went very very out in my back and suddenly I couldn’t breath so there went that. The CHP came and screamed at me for five minutes about being there with my bike in the lane. Jerk.

    Anyway, the only reason I didn’t have a terrible accident, beside keeping my cool was that I had replaced my tires two days before so I had all of that rubber to burn. I wore all the way through to the thread beneath… and the place I bought them actually replaced them under the road warranty!


    aaronious03: Doh! I had my cowl come off once… I swear it locked but obviously it did not.

    My most embarrassing motorcycle experience was dropping a borrowed bike at a standstill in front of a bunch of guys who had just been making fun of my friend for riding passenger with me (you know, because girls are supposed to be on the back… whatevs!). I was super tippy toed on the bike which isn’t an issue for me but there was gravel and my foot slipped out. It couldn’t happen to anyone and I stopped the bike from falling hard, I sort of laid it down but they were all staring like “Are you sure you want to get on that bike?”

    My buddy (who had a broken wrist from being hit by a drunk driver the week before) thought it was a great way to make them doubt me. lol! Because not 10 minutes later I had caught up to them in the twisties and passed them in the corners. lol. :p


    I’ve had the rear lock, thrown rods and even have a piston through the top end. Most embarrassing moment? Prolly when I was on a poker run and turned left on to a street w/ gravel on it, and I dropped the bike! It just slid down and I just sort of stepped off it. I was standing there just looking at my bike turning circles, trying to figure out how was gonna get it to stop and stand it back up (It was also a bit of a hill). Some of the guys were laughing w/ me, more were laughing at me. Oh well. *sigh*


    So many chicks so little time.


    nyokki: *grin*

    My mom said that she dropped her bike on a run with her and her partner on it… she said that they just laid there laughing. Heh.

    tiki god

    my worst experience was when I was riding down the road, and some dumbass slammed on his brakes at a yellow light. The road was grooved for resurfacing, and I nearly laid it down on its side under the dumbass’s tail gate.

    I gave him hell for that shit. Seriously. I knew him and he knew that he shouldn’t pull that shit on a grooved road, wtf was he thinking.

    Second worse: propping the bike, walking away and about 20 feet later hearing it crash to the ground. FUCK.


    nice shirt, you punk rocker. you rock daytona! that blurry photo is especially worth my time. will you teach me punk rock?


    Dyna-Mole: Lol, you’re such a meanie.


    aaronious03: u watched a 95 yamaha seca 2, 600cc fall over and your sad? LOL…DAMN you’ve got some expirence riding- like 2 years? and ALLL those crashes.. WOW your a hero.. When you go down at 120 on the 15 (thats in a real state with cars on the road called California)or on a racetrack with others about, or when you wrap a tree, or when you actually get laid with that haircut.. i might think of your photos worthy. untill then go have ur fun DisneyWORLD-Pussies.
    Dyna-Mole: thank you for being MCS quality.


    aaronious03: Doh. I dropped my bike in a gas station (on my birthday) doing a u-turn too slow. Total newb mistake… I was freezin’ (december bday) so my body was tense and I just sort of brain farted.

    Moe: Squid.


    aaronious03: outofocus: Have yet to do that, but I do worry ’bout it sometimes. I originally had a 500cc, which was smaller and I could easily put my feet to the ground. This one, the 650cc, I can barely touch the ground and I’m always afraid I’m gonna drop the bike at red light on an incline.


    nyokki: I am worried about that with my new bike (which I am picking up within the week! yay! I’m just waiting for my gear to arrive). Since I’ve put on a little bit of weight, my clearance has lessened so I’m tippy toed. On most bikes I’m usually able to put at least the ball of my foot down which is more than enough for confidence. The alley that leads to where I’ll be parking is gravel with lots of pot holes and there is a sharp turn to get into the driveway area so I’m already worried about that. Heh.


    Screw me? That is so punk rock!


    hover hands.

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