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    Luke Magnifico


    Also, I’m not complaining, but what’s with all these pictures of secksy wimmen? Is it some kind of 8th-of-the-month-hot-women-theme day? If so, I approve.


    Well the stockings match the wallpaper, but do does the carpet match the drapes?


    Well the stockings match the wallpaper, but does the carpet match the drapes?


    I love this picture.


    if you’d remember Tiki said he had a bunch of nsfw in moderation. and now you see em.


    @Senshi: last time i checked it’s a wooden floor.

    Luke Magnifico

    @ColombianMonkey: Oh. Yes. That is his bad.

    Clearly, the carpet has been removed. That is a perfectly smooth surface.

    I like….wooden floors. Floors where the carpet is not there.

    tiki god


    I was holding them back, because I was contemplating deleting them all.

    If you remember, I also once said there would be no more NSFW submissions, and all these were submitted without any tags, most noticably, the NSFW tag which was required for NSFW posts.

    I’m still thinking of not permitting NSFW submissions, and forcing them over to Random Nude

    Luke Magnifico

    @tiki god: Well, if you want to stop NSFW on MCS, this is a step in the right direction. You should continue to do this.


    @tiki god: i can dig some boobs, but today is kinda some overload going on. boobs are cheap on the ‘tubes – even cheaper than funny, sickening, strange or awe-inspiring or whatever. get tired of feeling like as a dude on the tubes i’m expected to objectify every piece of flesh that crosses my path and start foaming at the mouth because OMFG LADIE PARTS I NEBER SEEN DEM BEFOR LOOK AT ALL DEM BOOBEHS. A nice picture of a good looking or interesting form is cool, but after a while… eh. seen one piece of tubetrash, seen it all.… Read more »


    @tiki god: i think if you completly remove NSFW it would take a bite out of M[c]S but i would agree to lessen the amount of nsfw. i mean im no homo. but seeing nsfw all the time is getting to be a sore in the eyes. it should be something special and not day to day basis.anyhow i go for stricter moderation. but don’t remove it completly.


    @ColombianMonkey: NSFW posts are makeing your eyes sore? BLASPHEMY!!!! Go wash your mouth out with lysol, and say 20 Hail Mary’s…

    Making your eyes sore… Pffft…