Italian Police

Polizia.jpg (29 KB)

Better than your city\’s police cruiser.

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    Mostly used for emergency organ transport.


    yeah I can’t see them being able to transport a criminal in that back seat. makes good to have with a radar gun I would think…


    I hate WOPs.

    tiki god

    what back seat? that’s where the engine is!


    @tiki god:
    Yeah, I’m pretty sure they have a “paddy wagon” type vehicle for actual arrests. These guys probably just write tickets and direct traffic.


    @RSIxidor: ..and pick up chicks.


    There are lots of US cities that have fast/pricey sports cars specifically for when they need to chase down other fast/pricey sports cars. It might seem odd, but it’s cheaper than extra helicopters. Houston (Texas) had about a half dozen Ferrari and Porsche “police” cars as they had people doing things like using I-10 to test Grand Pris racers. Seriously – I had a guy in my Defensive Driving class who was stopped for doing 192 MPH in a 55 zone. He would regularly take his racing cars onto the freeway for testing as it was cheaper than renting an… Read more »


    IIRC, we also can’t take the same time of differed adjudication twice within six months, or so, but that might be a local thing to Dallas area.


    @RSIxidor: You’re correct on that. That was also added at the same time. I used to have “regulars” in my classes before then – people who were taking DD to get rid of tickets almost weekly. 😀 I didn’t mention that in the previous post as my example was geared towards the need for fast police cars. However, thanks for pointing that other part out. The third major change was that you could only take Defensive Driving to get rid of ONE violation, not multiple violations. I’d commonly get people in class from Pasadena before then taking one class to… Read more »


    tl; dr


    2 sides of the coin:
    Heads: lucky b.tches get flash cars
    Tails: f,cking italians love to show off how great they think they are


    Aaaallrighty then! Time to cannonball through Italy… 😀


    The idiot-f_cks who have comments about italians can go f_ck themselves. Stop being brainwashed by what you see on TV, you f_cking imbecile, Jersey Shore watching lazy as_es. Police departments are sometimes awarded confiscated vehicles (from drug dealers, etc.) to help fight crime. F_ck you again – there are bad apples in every culture on this planet.