Just About to… Umm… Sneeze

orgasmfaces.jpg (91 KB)

I\’m sure they\’re all about to sneeze…


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    O Face.


    Pay no attention men, apparently it’s all lies.


    I’ve seen a few of these. None of the good ones are in that pic, unfortunately.


    saw that yesterday on my wife for about 2 minutes.. and twice!


    token2k6: Yea I saw that look on your wife too, just before you got home.


    The aim of beautiful agony is to capture people masturbating; so, they are not fake. It’s just harder for guys to last long enough for a woman to actually orgasm the way she does touching herself.

    Just sayin. If your peen prowess sucks, it’s not her fault. :*


    token2k6: poor you, only 2 minutes? sheesh, i had her going about 8 times for 6 minutes each.


    : LOL


    : what were you thinkin’, man, leaving yourself open like that? God, this will generate a whole new thread on its own, starting with “Yeah, and I had a three-way with your wife and your Mom and BOTH of them came for, like, five minutes each!”


    : hahahaha

    I was just saying, thats all…I have a hot Asian wife, and when we “get” to have sex, I like to ram it home pretty hard. Its like drilling for oil, and thats what we do down here in Texas!


    I know, Token, we’re just jealous and raggin’ you a bit!


    token2k6: Dude I’ve seen your wife. Here is a photo of her, she is the one on the left.


    CathyLong: That’s what handjobs are for.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    And how long exactly does it take you to catch up with a joke?

    He was implying that the female orgasm is a myth. It’s a common joke.

    Thanks for playing.


    : I think you are getting me confused with someone else. fine, I will see if a pic of my wife will make it up here, but she won’t be happy about it!


    beautiful agony my friends…. what a website!


    mAgnUS BUTTfoorson:
    I know it’s a joke. But it’s the kind of joke which tends to be mouthed by guys who partially think it’s true. Fact is, it’s a very outdated joke which says more about the men who repeat it nowadays than they care to admit.


    CathyLong: I agree with you… my experience with that joke has lead me to similar conclusions.


    Do you know how to tell when a woman is having an orgasm? Who cares! …. now that’s an old joke.


    Drew: That sounds more like a joke that came after the orgasm myth joke. Men strove to find the elusive orgasm and once they found it, decided it wasn’t their job to achieve it.

    Man how many times have I beat off to that site.


    CathyLong: Yay presumptions!


    CathyLong: It depends if she’s into you and if your penis is big enough for her. If she’s used to smaller, and your bigger, then it’s win/win. Also, going down on a girl and licking her clit while fingering her works too, or using a dildo on her. The point is that you both get off, one way or another.

    Also, what’s the difference between looking in pain with the open mouth and smiling?


    “The aim of beautiful agony is to capture people masturbating”

    1. I hope they wash the nets regularly.
    2. Then those faces could just be from getting hit with a tazer?
    3. PeeWee Herman & George Michael must’ve been great publicity for them.
    4. Well, SOMEBODY’S aim is dead on.


    I looked at the site for a few minutes. Faces there go from beautiful to sexy to WTF to downright creepy.

    Suffice to say I was aroused.


    CathyLong: My peen powers are good only for pleasing one person….ME.
    But! That is why I have studied and practiced how to use tongue,teeth,lips and fingers to make her vocalizations crack the paint off the walls.


    I’m a bit of a screamer that learned to be more of a moaner; now I’m back to a screamer…Yay!!!!!


    I just want to make a hot woman moan like crazy. Is that too much to ask?! I don’t think so.


    Cunt sneeze more like heh heh.


    Puulaahi: Practice…and a willing woman. Some women won’t tell a guy what works. I think some women don’t know themselves. ‘Tis a shame, really.


    nyokki: I think that’s true but I’ve found that what works differs with each partner because what makes me attracted to them is different so sometimes I’m not entirely sure and have to spend some time with them figuring it out.


    outofocus: That was more or less my point. If it were the same for every woman, with every man I could have just told him what works. I know what works for me, but that’s just me, and I only have one partner. Talking amongst my friends, it’s clear that we are all different, at different times. Otherwise it would just be boring and there’d be no reason to choose one sexual partner over another.

    It’s interesting how difficult it can be to write what you think. It leaves so much out…no matter how in-depth you try to get.


    nyokki: That’s true. :]

    I remember having a conversation in a mixed group of men and women where the women were discussing the fact that they had different kinds of orgasms and they tended to vary quite a bit. The guys looked stumped and it left me wondering if orgasms are the same for the average male every single time.


    Fess up guys. What’s the deal?


    They don’t usually feel different for me, but they do tend to vary in intensity. Especially if the girl is good at finding something extra and interesting to do during my climax.


    nyokki: depends on how long a break between times. Breaking an 8 year long fast felt as glorious as that very first time that lil cannon went off. Not up to what I used to be able to, but nowadays, the first pop is good, the second varies but to keep going and hit that third is like striking a live wire, only no bad zappy burns.


    SumoSnipe: Excellent point. Hubby used to travel w/ the plane he was in charge of. He was sometimes gone for weeks and even months a couple of times. The welcome home sex was always fantastic.


    SumoSnipe: I think I’m the opposite. If I go a long time the first one is weird, sort of incomplete. If it’s just been a few days or maybe up to two weeks, then that is good. And if they’re too often they’re more work than pleasure.


    outofocus: Yeesh. If I went every two weeks, I would either look like that bull or be dead of heart failure…probably the latter. But oh the smile on my face….


    SumoSnipe: Seriously?


    nyokki: yup. I’m not a teenager anymore. Can only do the 6 hour heavy cardio, wrestling, swimming, swinging from the rafters and hottub snorkling workout once every two months or thereabout. Need that recovery time.


    SumoSnipe: Just bustin’, lol. My ready supply of stamina ain’t what it used to be. *sigh*


    nyokki: You got to give the poor guy a little downtime to recover, trying to keep up with a smokin hot brainiac like you.


    SumoSnipe: …has fun tryin’ tho.


    nyokki: Lucky Bastich.

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