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    needs infinite loop counter to cancel out infinite loop


    Have you seen the show? it IS an infinite loop.


    oh2ohz: I haven’t seen the show (not on purpose or payed attention anyway) and this does look like the entire show. Just like that one kind of fat guy with the sort of hot, sort of weird looking older, 30ish chick.


    i saw one show where he entered a SWAT scenerio- weapon drawn and ready to kill- and he was holding his fucking sunglasses while doing so.

    he is one of the WORST actors ever. and CSI Miama is, without a doubt, the worst of all the csi shows. i mean, seriously, how many times does a killer waltz into a police station actually wearing the blood soaked evidence???

    the writers of that show should be keel hauled.


    This CSI really annoys me. He’s such a fucking poser. CSI:NY is ok, but I’m still an original CSI fan. Laurence Fishburne has made it interesting to me again, plus there’s a weirdness to the original that the others don’t have.


    nyokki: The original CSI is teh absolute WIN! The others, imho, are poor adaptations…

    Though what they lack in intriguing content…

    They make up for in edgy signature poses…



    CSI: What really happens in Vegas, baby.
    CSI Miami: Action! But really, how good are these guys given that Michael Weston is still on the loose?
    CSI NY: We do the weird stuff


    SumoSnipe: LOL
    Michael Weston keeps blowin’ shit up. I’m not a major fan of the show, but it does have a neat “MacGyver” thing going.

    Luke Magnifico

    CSI:NY – We have Gary Sinise. We are the winners of game.


    LukeV1-5: and, as usual, he’s the least interesting character. I do like him though.


    I’m glad someone else noticed this, I catch myself actually only wanting to watch the show, so I can count how many times he takes them off. The most I’ve seen is 7 times, but I don’t watch it that much.

    T.G. Fisher

    CSI Miami script: Former street cop turned scientist looks thru a microscope and says, “I know what that is! It’s the left kneecap of a HoobaJooba beetle that only lives on the upper Amazon! Who do we know that just came from there?” Cast looks at each other with knowing grins. Then they jump into their HUMV batmoblie and go racing across the causeway. Repeat 37 times for one season of shows.

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