RE: photoshop girl

shamm.jpg (460 KB)

I made my own.
I cant believe I wasted my time doing this, but you can see if I spent more time I could make it look more believable.

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    I made a load of these a long time ago and animated them, I wonder where they’re hiding/what I called them


    Here’s one, a small version.

    They were to show the general steps in painting for a student of mine.


    If ever I saw a woman that I suspected of, at one point in her life, possessing a penis, this would be her.


    wow, I will master this photoshop in no time now!


    @FlyingMantisShrimp: I assume you must think of Ann Coulter as a man then?


    What’s going on here? It doesn’t make sense to me that all you did was do a shadow effect…


    @JamesTuskGeorge: Yeah, pretty much.

    This photoshop girl reminds me of Ryan from The Office.

    Gary Generic

    @FlyingMantisShrimp: Her name IS Ryan.


    I sense sarcasm! haha


    Here’s the quickest way to tell it’s not photoshop:
    She has “flaws”. People who draw from scratch don’t draw pores and skin faults on their characters. Even when they are trying to go for realism. Also, her hair isn’t “perfect”.

    You can always tell toon/animated/drawn people from real people because they have that stepford wife/borg look to them.


    I’m with Nannerpuss, what’s the deal here? I think I’m missing something. From what I can tell, you slowly erased her, then put her back as the final picture?


    Now that is some very Impressive work Joey… I’m speechless…


    Come on guys, an explanation please. Surely some of you folks I don’t recognize from over the years can enlighten us? Or is it your site now? 😛


    I can’t zoom the image enough to see flaws because its a shitty picture from upload or from download and erasing and reversing for this. All I know photoshop isn’t shitty enough to make pictures like playstation 1 graphics.