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WTF? He\’s mute, has claws, and now has Cyclops\’s eyebeams? This isn\’t Deadpool! Why would you even give him that name, or cast the best possible Deadpool actor (Ryan Reynolds) when you mess him up this badly?

I have the rage of a thousand exploding suns right now. NERD RAGE!!!

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    @Paul_Is_Drunk: you could slam your head on the keyboard and post whatever comes out of it …


    @GorillaMunch: agreed, cosigned.




    @Paul_Is_Drunk: it is impossible for your head not to hit the keystrokes dfxcge. btw you have a big head if you “really” did it lol


    dayum, i’m 7 5/8 cap size



    I dunno, I did it and only came up with ” bhnv”. Including the space.


    All I know is that this is fail beyond what words can convey….
    It’s like having Micheal Bay do a Transformers movie and almost forget the Transformers….



    @bejamus: that’s why they make sequels. The first ones are the promise and when they disappoint you, a sequel is announced that will fill that which the first movie failed to deliver. This is all based on commercials that create a false sense of what the movie is about by cutting the very best of it into a few minutes of scenes. And they say there is no such thing as propaganda in the capitalist world.


    A mute Deadpool? Why would they do that?

    Maybe they’re scare his fourth-wall awareness would lead to bitchy comments about X-Men 3 😉


    I’m fairly sure this is Weapon XI, played by Scott Adkins. Sadly this is only me hoping.. Sense Weapon XI has never been seen before (even in the comics) this could be him..

    Plus.. in the picture.. it kinda looks like Scott Adkins.



    comparing the craptastic figure and the screenshots, they’re obviously the same. maybe the packaging is wrong/spoofed. maybe it IS this weapon xi, maybe mimic. if it’s deadpool . . . color me disappointed and simultaneously enraged. damn you hollywood for thinking you make a great thing better.

    Gary Generic

    I heard Deadpool wasn’t going to be disfigured, so I’m hoping that wasn’t him.


    They would not hire Ryan Reynolds if they didn’t want him to chew the scenery relentlessly in a snarky manner. Either Ryan plays Deadpool pre-cancer reconstruction, and this is him afterwords, or this is another character.

    Just another dig at cyclops, giving his power to this freak. Wow the movie franchise hates him.

    I’m hoping this one doesn’t make complete hash of Logan’s origins, and also that Deadpool gets his own movie.


    Stand down! As far as I can tell, that’s not deadpool. That scarred chappy appears to be a different mutant altogether – possibly one with rouge like powers who stole Cyclop’s power?

    Anyway – There’s no way they’ll ever show a deadpool even half as awesome as he is in the comics – it would alienate too many casuals. The only thing that gives me hope is that Ryan Reynolds is a massive fan.


    I think the studio is fucking with all of you and pretending this is Deadpool just to get the movie talked about on the tubes.

    Then, when it turns out that he’s not Deadpool and the real Deadpool turns out to be fucking awesome and accurate, word will get out. And you will all go d/l the torrent and cram the theatres and see the movie 800 times just to make sure you were wrong.

    Then Raptor Jesus will bring the third and forth comings and you will all die with smiles on your lips.

    So sayeth me.


    I don’t think this is Deadpool, crappy toy shots a few days ago aside.
    I’m pretty sure you can see Ryan Reynolds decked out in straps, with swords in that trailer, there’s no way you can get from there to here in one film justifiably.
    This theory does, however, imply that Deadpool (for at least part of the film) is not all pock-marked/looking like a creme brulée… and that sucks.


    Yeah, this HAS to be Weapon XI, the optic blasts sealed it. Packaging mistake on the figures or ploy to drive the fans batshit crazy? We’ll never know. At least now we can go back to hoping the movie turns out good.


    @ColombianMonkey: Dude so am I, I have a HUGE dome. Also this better not really be deadpool cause if it is then I have lost all faith in Xmen related moves. X3 was pushing it to begin with


    QUESTION. What makes you guys say that’s Deadpool ?


    Am I supposed to be excited for this Wolverine movie? Cus I am not. Nor was I for X Men 3. Admittedly I was for X Men 2.


    Scott Adkins as Weapon XI: Weapon XI will feature in the end sequence fight scene against Wolverine. Adkins was also Reynolds’ stunt double

    -just a thought.


    Anyone give any pause to the possibility that they accidently sent out the wrong action figure? or that there is a mutant that can absorb powers, he absorbs mystique’s (or another shape shifters power) and then takes deadpools form?

    Im seeing people all but slit their wrists because “THEYRE DOING DEADPOOL WRONG!” but this isnt “The deadpool movie” its “The wolverine movie” He isnt going to get that much screen time from what I can tell of at least 3 other new mutants anyway…


    ghgv- at this wasted thread.
    Only three facts here.@LostOne: @akanaci: @GorillaMunch:
    The rest is stupid people typing before they think…Shame on MCS


    The toy packaging was a red herring. Scott Adkins is ALSO listed as Weapon XI.


    /sad I mention the fact that it’s probably Weapon XI.. and i get nothing..

    The miss-packaged toy is probably what happened or like someone said they could have packaged it that way to piss us off.

    Whoever said “This is a wolverine movie, not a Deadpool movie” (I’m to lazy to go back up and find it): Who cares? rumor has it if the fans like Ryan as Wade then they will be making a Deadpool movie.. So if the fucked him up in the movie they will never make one.

    fracked again


    Did you hear that they are doing an XMen movie?

    Doc Comic

    What if the Weapon XI character is referred to as Deadpool, instead of Wade? We have no indication of Wade using the “Deadpool” name, only that he’s referred to as Wade Wilson. Then later, after Weapon XI/Deadpool’s defeat, Wade could take the name himself. I know it’s a stretch, but it’s less rage-inducing than THIS being Wade. Here’s some other evidence leading to something like this. People have pointed out in the past that Wade wouldn’t be in his trademark costume because Fox would want to have Ryan Reynolds as visible as possible. If that’s the case, why would they… Read more »


    Deadpool fans dont panic! Just read this topic and it’ll clear things up (Warning, spoilers throughout):


    Oh, just realized you might have to log into imdb to read that topic, so I’ll just say it here (Again, SPOILERS): Basically, what we’re looking at is Weapon XI AND Deadpool….he’s “created” near the end of the film by giving Deadpool all the X-men’s powers (wolverine/cyclops/etc..), basically his purpose is to have wolverine fight someone at the end of the film. The whole “mouth being sewn shut” is a gag in the film (and is played entirely by Ryan Reynolds stunt man). Anyways, the treatment to give him all those powers his body rejects and reverts back to the… Read more »


    Whew… “It’s naht ah dedpuuhl!” For a moment there i was getting a little worried…


    Alright holding in the internal Deadpool fanatic/nerd rage. I’m sure he’ll figure out how to be unmute, the scarring is just an alteration from the scarring, he never had his original costume in Weapon X, Hopefully the eyebeam is bullshit and htey’ll fix the katana mistake.

    If Not, I’m going to kill the director and screenwriter for fucking up the only thing I care about XD


    Isn’t that Omega Red?


    No, in the video those are clearly blades not tentacles.


    Ah, then they massacred deadpool…


    I have a feeling it’s just to give a big bad for the end of the movie. Once Wolverine pummels him, his body will reject the enhancements and he’ll be back to comic book Deadpool, possibly with massive scarring so he dons the mask.


    ya know China makes a LOT of toys for USA- how many translation errors are there? I have a cheap chinese store near me and it has transforming spiderman-into motorcycle..