Bullet Collision

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Russian and French bullets that hit each other in a war at the Criemean peninsula. Recovered 150 years later. That the russians or the french actually managed to hit something has yet to be repeated since.

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    Joeseph Goebbels

    The chance of this ever happening by accident again must be minuscule.


    I bet they actually tried to make this happen and left it there and said “maybe if we leave this here, people in the future will think we are really cool and try to emulate us!”

    tiki god

    Ok futureman


    I was going to go off on how France helped us in the Revolutionary War and without their defeat of the British in 1812 more than just the White House would have been destroyed by the British… but I guess if President Bush made a policy decision to make fun of the French then who am I to question his followers?


    Mythbusters tested this. While highly unlikely, they did prove it possible. It was pretty cool!


    I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened quite often in large battles. I’ve seen it happen many a times in paintball, as well as shooting a paintball down someone’s barrel.


    @nuclear_zombie: Its pretty cool to see when it happens in paintball.

    Nimbo: I’m sure there are many graves in Georgia or Chechnya that will prove you otherwise.


    mythbusters tested it? isnt it pretty fucking crystal clear that its entirely possible for 2 objects to hit eachother?


    @Brushaway: With mythbusters it’s either a case of “who gives a fuck” or “let’s find a really complicated way to prove something”

    General X

    : Do you know how many Russians died during WWII?


    The true number of soldiers killed in World War 2 remains unknown. Soviet Union tried to conceal and downplay its losses in WWII in order to ‘save face’. With the collapse of the USSR new archives are being declassified and these are revising the number of Soviet War dead significantly upwards. For example, it now appears that the number of Soviet citizens that died in WWII is closer to 30 million than the previously assumed total of 20-30 million. How many of these were soldiers is also uncertain. As you can no doubt see, the enormous upward revision of Soviet… Read more »



    population= 194m, Killed/Mising= 9m, Wounded= 18m, Total(Military)= 27m, Civilian (deaths)= 19m.

    m as in millions.


    Ho please could you stop with this fucking nationalism.

    I feel like I’m reading comments on Youtube when I read stuff like “WE help them blabla… THEY are good/bad at war… etc.”


    They didn’t have Kalashnikovs until the early 1950s, after WWII and looooong after the Crimean War.


    Actually, I think the Mythbusters test was more along the lines of would the bullets actually fuse together like this.


    Nimbo: I lol’d. Although I find it odd you’re singling out the Russians marksmanship, given the fact that the combat accuracy accuracy of any army has been absolutely abysmal since the day they started handing out automatic weapons.

    Still, t’was a funny, until everyone decided to turn it into an international pissing contest.


    @AgZed: Clearly the “accuracy accuracy” of my typing is also absolutely abysmal.


    No, the MODEL was completed in 1947. The majority of troops didn’t have them until 1954. In addition, even though the AK47 is seen as “the gun that never jams” the early ones which were made from stamped steel instead of machined were incredibly shitty.


    Nimbo: It was funny, I lol’d. Then I didn’t take it too seriously and went on with my day.


    o i c whut u did thar


    the russians had so many men at their disposal, they did a lot of human wave type attacks with staggering casualties. comparatively, the german army had fewer men and compensated with increased technological capabilities and strategy


    Well yeah, and they also encouraged intiative. The Russian troops were all but helpless if their leader was shot.