Books To Give Your Girlfriend

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I know it\’s way too late for Valentine\’s, but birthdays are always right around the corner.

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    The Threesome Handbook, or a guy’s ultimate fantasy as long as it’s the girl who has to compromise her sexuality.


    The best part is the ultimate guide to anal sex for women is a second edition which mean that there was an edition before it, lol.


    @Jicty: The first edition was before she learned to like it.

    @deuce: I wouldn’t go calling it “ultimate,” it just satisfies a basic mathematical principle on a barbaric level. Woman = Good. Two Woman = Great. The chances of it actually working out to what the guy wants it to be, though? Slim. The ratio of awesome incidences to awkward ones isn’t in our favor. Not every pair of females has read this book … Yet.

    tiki god

    two guys isn’t that bad either 😉


    If three emotionally detached people can enjoy non-committal sex, go for it.


    Tristan Toarmino is actually a relatively intelligent, well reasoned and articulate sex writer. I haven’t read this, but I’m sure it’s a very good guidebook.

    fracked again

    Two X and one Y is only a threesome if the two Xs fuck each other too. So, unless the guys are fucking each other and the girl, its a gang bang. Most straight guys would pick two girls one guy if the girls want to play nice or not over two guys one girl gang bang, and nobody really wants a two guy one girl threesome.


    @tiki god: Even after the interesting, but accurate, spin fracked just added to the mixture? There might be a fourth book requirement to this list…

    tiki god

    @fracked again: I’m here to tell you that having 2 guys with 1 girl is just as much fun as 2 girls and 1 guy. Gangbangs require taking turns anyways, two guys can fuck one girl just fine, and anyways…. @CathyLong: what if it’s three people that really have emotional fondness of each other? Say I’m totally gay for a guy that I know, and there’s a girl that I have a crush on? If both of them return my emotional investments, and we have a good night of pleasure pleasure, and there’s condoms and beer and some weed and… Read more »


    How much can you write about anal sex:

    Chapter One: “Spread ’em.”

    Chapter Two: “Wait for it….”

    Chapter Three: “Ouchie!”



    @tiki god: I’ve know 2 sets of polys (2 guys 1 girl, 2 guys 2 girls) and both have been together for more than 10 years, in one form or another. 1 set even has kids. There are some real advantages, when raising kids, to having more adults around. For the most part I don’t keep people around me that are truly fucked up. I have a good solid relationship w/ everyone I care about.


    This thread is relevant to my interests. Please carry on.




    Tristan stared in an adult movie based somewhat off her book. Produced by John Stagliano and included Nina Hartley. I love it. It’s the only pron my wife will watch with me.