Arctic Russian Lighthouse

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They built a bunch of these automated nuclear-powered lighthouses along Russia\’s northern coast during the cold war, but they fell into disrepair after the collapse of the Soviet Union. And when I say “fell into disrepair,” what I mean is “people came and ripped out anything and everything they thought they might be able to sell.” Now they\’re all nice and radioactive.

more pics & info:

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    wow. those sound awesome.


    Nuclear powered lighthouses. When over the top meets a government budget


    Cold war russia came up with the most awesome ideas. I mean technically speaking the only good thing they ever built were airplanes. Everything else is an amazing concept but horribly built. I mean Russian nuke facilities be they weaponry or utilitarian in nature were poorly built regardless of how awesome they were con conceptually.


    Ablative armor on tanks was a pretty solid idea. Its just easy to come up with ways around it.

    Also having to wait days in line for bread, but never a wait for booze, you can see what the government wanted. And there is a wonder why Russian manufacturing isnt a gold standard


    Or how when we started to pass around our nuclear technology and their technology was 10 years behind ours.


    GET OUT OF HERE STALKER. Seriously though that is awesome. Be nice to visit if they weren’t all radioactive.


    Comrade, explain to me, the effects of this radiation.

    Radiation builds strong, purple bones…


    I think I’d like to live in a lighthouse someday.


    One of the places I shall live one day…