Witch Girl’s Broom Zoom

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Adults only.

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    For some reason i don’t think most pagans are concerned about what brooms they use. Also, why is tiki on the cover of this mag?


    Old school girly mags, win.


    I like how it’s tagged “huge stone dildo”.
    I have been searching for that exact tag on MCS for so long. Finally something will come up.


    I see no broom. I do see a hot redheaded chick, though.


    @Annarchy: oF COURSE. You don’t know much about witches do you?

    They made DMT- in a coldren with “frogs” and other good things from BouncingBearBotanicals..
    then as a smudge placed it on an object to “Push up there” so the cleanest object of the days was the womans broom… so now you know where the broom went! HAHAHA education time is over.


    Whats the sauce of this?


    thats why they “ride brooms”… thats why wiches were crazy and thought to be the work of the devil… Americans are very good at changing facts to suit the childrens stories.. In all reality- they were just fun loving hippys, spending a few nights in the woods trippin’..
    my kind of women..


    @Moe: Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!


    The witches I was told about as a little girl were not hippies or the work of the devil. They were like the witch that Hansel and Gretel met in the forest.


    Damn, tiki gets all the girls.